nail care box

nail care box IMG_3956

One thing I’d rather do myself than spend money on every two weeks is shellac. $40 a pop can really be expensive. Especially for someone like me who has a mortgage and bills to pay! So… I purchased my own UV lamp, and some gorgeous gel polishes! There are so many bits and pieces when caring for and maintaining nails. Why not put them all in a cute box!? My nail care box consists of: nail files, nail polish remover, UV lamp, gel polishes, cotton balls, cuticle oil and a pumice :D

health supplements


Nothing like a little bit of help to boost our energy levels. Just started trying these out. I’m really enjoying the liquid iron liquid sachets. Tastes fruity!!!

palm trees and paradise

palm tree IMG_3971Added this little cute DIY faux terrarium to my home office space. Reminds me of what I love most. Laying under a tree, with a book. Coming in and out of the water. Relaxation. #tropicalholiday #inspo

joelyne karan selfie
dog house
Home Office

My home office is evolving slowly. Next on the list, I’d like to hang my Spring/Summer Inspiration board & some framed photos. #homeoffice #inspo


Tim surprised me with this freakin’ amazing HP, huge, touch screen, boxless computer!!!! Windows 8 too. So incredible. Always being a windows user, I switched to mac for a while. Sorry, but windows is way better. Much more user friendly. My home office is looking and feeling amazing. It has been a year in progress!

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