palm trees and paradise

palm tree IMG_3971Added this little cute DIY faux terrarium to my home office space. Reminds me of what I love most. Laying under a tree, with a book. Coming in and out of the water. Relaxation. #tropicalholiday #inspo

joelyne karan selfie
dog house
Home Office

My home office is evolving slowly. Next on the list, I’d like to hang my Spring/Summer Inspiration board & some framed photos. #homeoffice #inspo


Tim surprised me with this freakin’ amazing HP, huge, touch screen, boxless computer!!!! Windows 8 too. So incredible. Always being a windows user, I switched to mac for a while. Sorry, but windows is way better. Much more user friendly. My home office is looking and feeling amazing. It has been a year in progress!

weekend cleaning

The only way I’m motivated to clean the bathroom, is with new cleaning products. I really loathe cleaning it, but it’s gotta be done, and not without gloves. Loving the airwick scent. My apartment smells like doggy sometimes, so this fresh sent really does the job. And the nozzle is pink. So, of course I love it.

Sydney City Guide – Bloggers Choice

Me and a few other bloggers shared our views on Sydney and it’s awesome places to visit:

perfume from paris

My gorgeous friend Tanja brought these beautiful pefumes back from paris for me.  Love the fact that these scents are made for a specific timeframe, and then replaced with newly created scents.

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