Viparo + Kobe Husk

IMG 9015 Viparo + Kobe Husk

viparo skirt Viparo + Kobe HuskIMG 9052 Viparo + Kobe Husk
Wearing Viparo Pleated Stretch Waist Skirt ($159.95AUD), Kobe Husk Wedges

I do enjoy bringing to you the latest in upcoming aussie fashion. Viparo has some beautiful pieces if you love colour and gorgeous fabrics – check it out here. I enjoy dressing up for the camera and putting my makeup on – being creative and piecing it all together. Here I’ve tucked in a sheer top which I can’t remember the brand of, into this beautiful high waisted Viparo skirt. Tucking tops into stuff, skirts, pants & shorts, is probably my most used styling routine.

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  • Brooke

    There’s those long legs again!
    Cute outfit, I really like the grey and wine colours together.


    • Joelyne

      haha thanks brooke! hope you have a super fab weekend.

  • stilettolover91

    You look AMAZING!!!!! Love the skirt & the heels!!!!

    • Joelyne

      Thanks M! :)

  • Catherine @ The Spring

    It’s not easy to pull of casual, interesting outfits it the heat. Layering is out, but a cool mix of fabrics does the trick. Love the pattern on those amazing shoes!

    - Catherine @ The Spring (in Brisbane)

    • Joelyne

      Glad you like the outfit Catherine :) X

  • Bombchell

    You look lovely, love the pieces.

    • Joelyne

      Thanks bombshell ;) x

  • B

    omg. the shoes! love them.


    • Joelyne

      Thank you ! X

  • blushfully

    this is GORGEOUS colour!! and omg your legs!!! and those shoes!! aahh love the outfit!!

    • Joelyne

      Thank you hunni :)

  • The Girl With a Feather

    I really love the colours and patterns together here! Looking gorgeous as usual too!

    • Joelyne

      Thanks hun x (Sorry for all the replies, catching up with them) x

  • Erin

    thanks for your comment hun! i love getting feedback! :)

    I’m totally loving this post of yours! uhhh, do you have the longest legs in the world or what?!

    keep up the good work! xo

    • Joelyne

      aww such a sweet comment. Thank you Erin! XXX

  • Patience

    Beautiful skirt. Love the shoes also.

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    • Joelyne

      Thank you Patience :-)

  • Gorgeous Glam

    Hi doll, love the new layout! Looks great and so do you! kisses from LA! -Taj

    • Joelyne

      Aww thank u xxxx

  • Black is the New Black

    LOVE the skirt! how fab.

    • Joelyne

      Thanks love! X

  • Viv

    Stylish, chic and gorgeous figure! I like this girl alot.
    Joelyne, stay connected.

    • Joelyne

      Thank you Viv! :) Happy New Year!

  • shelly

    Love the outfit. Are those Kobe Husk shoes true to size?

    • Joelyne

      Not sure :( I borrowed them from the showroom, and they werent my size, so I had to squeeze in to them. I can find out for you if you like?