New to my Apartment | Customised Cupboard

I was waiting all of 2011 to get this cupboard installed, and finally by November I saved all I needed for it and had it installed in December – a very nice Christmas pressie to myself. A carpenter came to measure up everything. I discussed with him what I wanted and he threw in some ideas too.

George’s sister suggested I put a cupboard where this nook in the wall is. Such a perfect idea, which grew into the perfect storage space!


IMG 9888 New to my Apartment | Customised Cupboard



IMG 9897 New to my Apartment | Customised Cupboard

cupboard New to my Apartment | Customised Cupboard

Sliding Pantry | Drawers | Sliding Shoe Rack


The top of the cupboard is for general storage space, the left a shoe and clothes rack, and in the middle, draws for linen. The right side is a pantry as there’s not enough space in my kitchen for everything.

I do have a walk in wardrobe in my bedroom, however, as a girl who loves clothes and shoes, I needed more space!

Once my cupboard is all organised, I’ll take some more pictures to share with you.


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  • Anna

    I love your new cabinets. I wish I could rebuild my closet. I have way too many items for my small closet.

    • Joelyne

      Thanks Anna! This is an extra closet to my walk in. Us girls have too many things! X

  • Nicki Alonso

    On my list for this year! I need a pantry make-over! Having food organized and cute makes it so much easier to eat!

    • Joelyne

      Exactly! x

  • Style This World

    Just discovered your blog. Like it so much and following it!!!

    Invite you to visit my Blog:

    • Joelyne

      So glad you like it! :) X

  • {The Design Daredevil} Jessie D. Miller

    Oh yeaaaaaaaa, love a good Before and After!!!

    I like your BF’s facial expression in the first pic, ha ha!!!!

    • Joelyne

      haha it’s funny isn’t it! :P

  • Sevan Manjikian

    wow a customised cupboard! every girl’s dream!
    love your blog, i’m a new follower :)
    greetings from your fellow wsiw feb style panelist! xx

    • Joelyne

      Ohhh thanks Sevan my fellow wsiw feb style panelist ;-) xx

  • style server
  • jelisaveta djukanovic
  • Mel

    Oh, I want one!

  • Clinical Care Skin Solutions

    loads to read.. lovely blog… so simple and clean…your newest follower from bloggers:) ilike skin care

  • Poppy51

    Waou! an additional closet and well organized, that is exactly what I should think! store all my clothes is a real battle …. did you finish filling it?

    • Joelyne

      Yep it’s ALL done. Now filling it with stuff! :) xx

  • Style This World

    Like your blog so much!

    New post in my newly born blog!!!

    Have a nice weekend:)

    • Joelyne

      Thank you! Will check yours out :)

  • sara

    You can never get too much storage! :) Love your blog BTW – we have just kick started our very own blog dedicated to Sydney street fashion on


    • Joelyne

      thanks Sara for dropping by! I will definitely check your blog out! :) X