Jane Iredale ‘Feeling Alive’ boxed collection valued at $290

I absolutely adore Jane Iredale makeup! I’ve featured it here and here and here. I’m so excited about this giveaway, cause I know to whoever wins, you will be feeling pretty alive once you apply these beautiful mineral products.

This includes: Rose Dawn Bronzer, Pink Lip Pencil, Aqua Silk Eye Gloss, Pink Silk Eye Gloss, RIO Just Kissed & L.A. Just Kissed Lip Plumpers.


To enter:

1. Answer this question in the comments area below: What do you do to ‘feel alive’?


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Terms & Conditions: I will be choosing the most creative answer, as this is a game of skill. Entries will close on 15 April 2012, 12pm EST. All entrants will be added to The Sydney Girl Newsletter and emails may be used for marketing purposes by Jane Iredale. Open Worldwide and winners will be notified by email and announced here. Entries remain the property of The Sydney Girl and may be republished.

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  1. Narelle Rock

    I get outside and let the fresh morning air fill my lungs, help me breathe, watch the sun rise and be grateful for another day on this beautiful earth

  2. Effie Bakkalis

    I dance with my 8 year old daughter – she is an energetic bundle of joy, the chatterbox of the house, and a Britney Spears in the making! We dance to 80’s music and make fools of ourselves and laugh until our cheeks hurt! My body comes alive and I have a workout at the same time.

  3. Lisa Weinberg

    I go dancing! Hard NOT to feel ALIVE while shakin’ it on the dance floor with friends!

  4. I love going on rollercoasters and thrill rides, they make me feel alive, I get such a rush! I also love to watch scary movies and be scared it also makes me feel alive! I love it! :)

    signed up for newsletter! :)

  5. Hey Joelyne!!

    What do I do to feel alive?! I TRAVEL!! It reminds me everyday how lucky I am!! I am able to discover new countries, new people, new cultures, new friends, new colors
    I lOVE IT! Nothing better to remind you that you have to enjoy life as much as you can until its too late! And one day I ll be the old lady who ll tell the stories about what she saw or what she did all other the world!
    Im already planning my next trip – VIETNAM – Fingers crossed!

    Enjoy your weekend! X

  6. jc

    Been practising an ancient form of chinese healing art called Tai Chi for some years now and loving it so far. Helps relieve stress, improve coordination, tone muscles, maintain good posture, develop flexibility, can anything be more alive than that?

    Subscribed, thanks for the lovely giveaway.

  7. When I want to feel alive, I normally go out dancing and let all my inhibitions go and not care who is watching. So I totally agree with Lisa!

    I have subscribed to the newsletter.

    Miss Bias : )

  8. Michelle

    I go and bake a beautiful rich chocolate cake! Nothing like filling my cozy home with the smell of a freshly baked cake and then sharing it with all my friends and family.

    Plus you know your alive when after you’ve eaten the cake, you need to unbutton your jeans!

  9. Raelene Graham

    I shop!,I feel dizzy with excitement when I find a great buy and the adrenalines pumping when Ive got to go home and tell hubby how much I’ve spent!

  10. Kellie

    I reach out. I listen. I laugh. I text my friends. I call my mum. I do everything possible to remind people that I’m here. You have to connect in order to feel alive; it’s the people in your life who make living worthwhile. Let them know you care and leave your mark while you can!

    Subscribed also!

  11. kerry santillo

    I get dressed to the nines to feel alive and hit the town with friends. If I am feeling really down I go shopping and buy something special♥

  12. To feel alive I usually do crazy things or something I haven’t tried before or try to beat a fear of mine. For example, I am terrified of heights and last summer I actually went out on my friend’s paraglider thingy and I didn’t die. That made me feel alive for sure. haha

  13. I appreciate every day I share with my best friend and partner, David. We work 100 hours a week on our business but no matter what, we always get dolled up, put the dancing shoes on, spray the perfume and go salsa dancing on saturday nights. We also drive to the beach every sunday evening to watch the sunset and to listen to the waves hitting the rocks and to let our minds run freely. It’s so therapeutic and keeps us refreshed, alive and full of new ideas ready to start the next 100 hours :-)

  14. Alison Morgan

    I have coconut oil in warm water with lemon juice every day. Simple – but it makes me feel alive, invigorated and ready to tackle the day:)

  15. Kathryn

    To feel alive I try to do something different everyday! Talk to someone new, eat something new, try something new. Variety is the spice of life!

  16. Lauren

    Surfing. Its the feeling of flying I dreamt of as a child, when I catch a wave, time stops and I’m in a combined state of excitement, peace, euphoria and accomplishment. Its a soul searching, soul cleansing moment, being in the salt water and having multiple aspects of mother nature simultaneously combined, to also be a global bond between cultures with no language barriers, ultimately, this feeling and rush makes me feel ALIVE.

  17. What do I do to feel alive? Escape to the beach with my partner and family, on the deck with a glass of wine and a cheese platter!

  18. Michelle Vamas

    What I do to feel alive
    Is quite simply, go for a drive.
    As up until 6 months ago
    I was a afraid of driving,for those who don’t know.
    As a very busy mum of three
    Getting public transport was hard as could be
    Without a liense at age 32
    Was tough on me and my family too
    So I finally took the plunge one day
    Decided I’d try my best come what may
    I got my license on my very first try
    And now I feel free as a bird who loves to fly!!!

  19. Vi Thuy Truong

    1. I study or go out for charity activities.
    2. Subscribe to The Sydney Girl Newsletter

  20. Nicole Sharp

    I Lay in the sun in the nice crisp air
    Let the world go by without any care
    When it’s time to say goodbye to the sun
    I slip on my heels and hit the town just for fun!
    When it’s all over and the night is dead
    It’s on with the pj’s and cuddles in bed

  21. Elise D

    Music makes my heart sing. And seeing it live, is my favourite thing. In a room filled with people, all singing the same song. It makes me feel alive with passion and love.

  22. First of all listening music, cooking, spending time with my hub, maybe dancing, a glass of wine, a bit of chocolate, or maybe sitting on a bench and listening the birds.

    I’m in to The Sydney Girl Newsletter

  23. Karen Turner

    No roller coaster rides close by so I tend to turn up the stereo and dance with my kid’s and have sme fun.

  24. I ditch the kids and hubbie, get all dolled up and go dancing with the girls. A few drinks and a giggle or ten, doing the moves makes me feel alive, carefree and so bloody good!

  25. angel charm

    Thanks for the wonderful giveaway. really love it. i feel alive when i help others, when i get there blessings, i feel that I am lucky and blessed enough that I can help people

  26. Jasmine Eastwood

    Fresh air really kick-starts my heart, nothing beats stepping outside to take in the breeze, and whenever i’m stressed out i remember to “just breath!”

  27. Hannah Jackson

    Getting up early on Saturday morning and heading to the local farmers’ market for grass-fed beef, free range chicken, organic vegies and fresh wood-fired bread makes me feel alive!

  28. Gabrielle Boland

    Lie in gorgeous green grass, under a brilliant blue sky and feel the sunshine rain down on me.
    Inhale the sweet fragrances of the world around me.
    Listen to the music of waves crashing, ripples rushing and rain spilling from the sky.
    Dance in the moment.
    Celebrate fun with friends.
    Nurture a families love.
    Smile at the simple pleasures of life.

  29. Gorgeous products honey! I love singing around the house when noone’s home. It’s so uplifting and you can just get carried away, it’s such a wonderful escape. Thanks! xx

  30. Ginny

    I wake up and get to the bathroom to prep my face! Putting on beautiful makeup gives me the daily dose of Boost! everyone needs (:

  31. Tina

    Go outside at some point in my day and throw the risbee or ball to my dog. It’s great to know you can please one so easily and see their love.

  32. Jess

    Feeling alive for me means helping someone- just what I consider small things. I am always the first to jump in and help if an older person is struggling with their bags, or a mum has a screaming baby or toddler at the checkout, or any other random situation I can see where I can help. The thanks I receive is not why I do it, it just always makes me feel good and a really warm feeling inside- yes it does help me feel alive! :)

  33. Travel! I feel so alive when I’m exploring a new city! Having said that, New York is the city where I feel most alive! I try to go once a year.

  34. my mum just passed away because of cancer, after seeing her suffer and trying to stay alive, i realized to feel alive, I just have to live the life! appreciate every single thing that I have and grab every opportunities that life gives me. I truly believe that once you start doing that, you will feel alive more than ever!


  35. Annette

    Learning something new makes me feel alive! Whether it’s knowledge I need to be better in my workplace or learning how to rock reptilian print and turquoise :), anything that inspires creation, encourages personal growth or confirms what you already know is so satisfying.

  36. Szappanbubi

    Wander, travel, explore new kind of places or ‘conquer’ old ones again :) I’m chasing adventures and excitements with my boyfriend, too….he’s my biggest inspiration in that as he’s a real wild-ish boy :P nothing is impossible and still we’re young we need to make memorable journays, moments together!*
    also sit out in our garden and feel the rays of the sun and the mild-warm wind on my skin ^_^

  37. Issy

    hopping on my horse and go galloping through the old cane fields, nothing like it! Cos even though my horse is going flat out everything seems to slow down and everything becomes so calm and peaceful :)

  38. Alice Antonov

    I breathe because I wouldn’t be feeling alive – or much of anything – if I didn’t. ;)

  39. Annie

    Being mesmerized by nature: squelching my toes in the foamy brine, wind tousling my hair and the sun’s warmth caressing my skin as I run along the bech, reminds me how good it is to be alive.

  40. Irina

    I am a 5th year medical student, and during my rotations I’ve seen thousands of patients. I’ve seen people in and out of hospitals, diagnosed with common and easily treatable ailments; I’ve witnessed people fight more serious conditions and win against the disease after a long and painful battle, but I have also seen a lot of people whose disease was stronger than they were. I remember the stories and faces of these people, I remember seeing them every day in their hospital beds with their life wasting away, a little more with every passing second. They were sadly often lonely, and with an urge to tell everyone who would listen a piece of their life story, so I often found myself being the only listener of an existence that would soon end and that nobody would remember. There was no hope left in the eyes of those people; there was endless sadness, rage towards their faith, confusion, and sometimes a pained acceptance.
    I think about those patients, and every time I do, I remind myself that not feeling alive every second of my life would be a slap in their faces. There is nothing that makes me feel alive, it’s a thing I acknowledge to be a privilege, and every single day I appreciate the fact that I am capable to do what I want, and that there is not an imminent expiration date over my head. I don’t need to do something special to feel alive, because this is already such a great gift, something so priceless, that thousands of people lose everyday.
    I feel alive every second of everyday, because anything less would mean being ungrateful for the biggest gift of all.

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