Asics at The Athletes Foot | My Fitting Experience


Are you wearing the right shoes?…


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When walking or running it’s really important that you’re wearing supportive shoes – specifically for your foot type.

That’s where Athlete’s Foot comes in.


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I went for a fitting at The Athlete’s Foot Broadway store just the other day, to find out what all the excitement over the new Asics footwear range was all about.

It was a great opportunity (thanks to NuffnangAu) and I found out; I have a high arch (thanks to the Fit Print machine above) and that I need a supportive shoe like Asics when I go walking and running on the weekends. (Bike riding hopefully soon too).


With the help of not only The Fit Print system, I also received the amazing service of  one of the stores’ Master Fit Technician – Kieran! I learnt that I am quite balanced (YAY) however I need shoes that help my foot align when I perform a running movement, and therefore need support in all the right areas.


photo Asics at The Athletes Foot | My Fitting Experience


So I tried on a few Asics for comfort and support. These were the first pair that I tried on. What I liked about them:


ASICS Women GT 2000 D:

  • I LOVE the colour combo – and these colours are exclusive to The Athlete’s Foot!
  • Okay, now to the important stuff:
  • Because of the way I walk, with my feet rolling inwards slightly these shoes will help with stability. The GT 2000 uses uses a system called ‘Gender Specific Trusstic’ which stops the shoe from twisting and turning and is different for both men’s and women’s models. Cool!
  • For added comfort and cushioning, the Asics GEL is in both the heel and forefoot.
  • Kieran mentioned that it uses a special memory foam around the heel which moulds to the shape of your heel. I thought that was pretty cool! It’s called the Personal Heel Fit system.


I also tried the ASICS Womens GT 1000 D and the ASICS Womens GEL KAYANO 19, which both had similar features. Honestly they were all so comfortable. I made a choice based on what felt truly right for me. It will be different for everyone.


Thanks to The Athletes Foot & Asics, I got to keep my favourite pair! (Thanks to you guys really, cause if you weren’t so interested in my experiences I wouldn’t have these experiences in the first place!!! )


The New Asics range is exclusively available in The Athlete’s Foot stores at the moment and you can shop at over 130 stores or online for an amazing Fit. So, which ones do you think you’d go with?



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  • Mica

    Love the colourful pair you went with! I really like the fittings at the athletes foot, I have a knee injury and so I wanted comfortable shoes for when I was going on long walks with Cooper – they really helped pick out a nice comfortable pair for me :)

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  • Gaby

    what colour combo was that called?