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27th Nov2012

The Athletes Foot

by Joelyne


Hey guys! I’ve been oh so busy, with my new job, keeping fit and enjoying the spurt of hot weather on the weekend. I feel great!


womens asics

Especially lovin’ my new asics which I told you about recently.

I wore them walking/running on the weekend, and they were absolutely comfortable and light. I felt pretty stylish in them too. The amazing thing is that they fit perfectly. Thanks to The Athletes Foot I was lucky enough to have their expert Fitting Technician Keiran help me find the absolute right fit and style for Summer! I really do recommend that you do the same, and get your ‘fit’ too!!!

Who doesn’t want the right ‘fit’ for Summer?

womens asics


How I felt when walking in the shoe:


  • Comfort level – 10 outta 10!
  • Very light and flexible.
  • My stride was quite straight. (not sure if that’s the right terminology.) The way the shoe
  • is made, it helps keep your foot aligned when walking/running.
  • Afterwards my feet weren’t sore, as they are with other shoes when walking long
  • distances. This proves the level of support the shoe is giving to my feet.
  • With other shoes, my right knee also feels quite strained after a long walk. Not the case
  • in these amazing shoes! I can’t believe how supportive they actually are!

You can get your own fit in store at The Athletes Foot too OR jump online at www.theathletesfoot.com.au


womens asics

You know I love bringing to you awesome reviews, and of course giveaways. So here is yet another fabulous giveaway!


CLOSED: Would you like the chance to win a $100 voucher to The Athlete’s Foot?

To enter,  just tell me in a comment below if you like the idea of getting your own Fit this Summer, and why!


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54 Responses to “The Athletes Foot”

  • Jacinta Brady

    I love the idea of getting my own fit this summer, I love linking fashion and fitness to get that extra motivation going and whoever said beauty is pain obviously didn’t get an athlete’s foot fitting.

  • Dian

    I think getting the right fit is really important and shouldn´t be taken for granted. I spend my 9 to 5 in an office job so getting out and about during the lunch hour or after work is crucial to undoing all the damage that sitting for long hours does. Having the right fit would help with posture alignment and back problems – the perils of a desk job!

  • Michelle

    I like the idea of getting fit because by doing so it enables you to live your life to the fullest (who doesn’t want that!), and should definitely be a priority for everyone to try get fit. And by having the correct ‘fit’ of shoe helps this even more, because you don’t want to be doing daily exercise but at the same time damaging yourself because your shoes aren’t supporting you correctly.

    The reason I want to get fit this Summer is because for the past year I have attempted multiple times to motivate myself to improve my lifestyle and health but seem to always fall short. I hope that this Summer I will be able to dramatically increase my motivation so that I can make a difference in my body and my life and I believe that by getting the right ‘fit’ in my shoe will motivate me even more and enable me to push a little bit harder to achieve a healthier, better and fitter lifel!

    • Good luck Michelle! :) I hope you are able to increase your motivation – I’m on the same boat. Really want to push harder and do more for my fitness.

  • kath woods

    i,ve started running but my shoes musnt be the right fit as i am getting excruciating pain at the back of my heels,i,m not giving up though but some new shoes just might do the trick.

  • Dee

    I like the idea of getting even fitter this summer, the better I look, the more my ex will regret throwing me away. And the more fun I’m going to have fending potential suitors off ;)

  • Ying Ying TAN

    Getting the right fit is essential to complete my goal of fitness. If I still could not achieve my fitness goal, at least I know I have exhausted every option and gave 100% of my effort. I believe being healthy is not only taking care of our diet, but also our mind and every single physical part of our body (including our feet).

  • Janelle

    In my opinion, Fit is definetely important for me especially because I have wider feet. I have first hand experienced the outcomes of a bad fit and they are not pleasant… In order to achieve my goals, I believe that shoes are the most important part of your ensemble, to get the most out of your training!! :)

  • Oooh, I certainly do. If you get your shoes fit professionally and they fit comfortably, it makes such a difference – it can be the difference between working out and not!

  • karina w

    I need to get fit because that’s what I should be doing since I am going to get married next year!

  • kerry santillo

    I like the idea of getting fit for summer. Having been unwell, it would be nice to start slow with walking and getting these bones mobile :) Would love some great shoes from the Athletes foot to start my journey.

  • I’ve lost a heap of weight so feel encouraged to get fit for summer and wearing some gorgeous new clothes.

  • Kat

    There is nothing better than feeling fabulous and fit in sexy new shoes. Whether we’re losing weight, taking the dog for a walk or going for that morning jog putting on trainers you love makes a world of difference. I love the idea of Fit for Summer it’s that time of year when I feel happiest.

  • The weather’s warm and summer’s here
    Losing weight is very near
    Need these shoes to get me there
    Getting fit and fabulous if I dare!!!

  • Elements at Home

    February 2013 brings my daughters 1st brthday and no more legitimate excuses for this baby belly to still be hanging around. So its time to get my fit on.

  • Two beastly old bunions causes aches in my feet.

    A FIT of fine walkers would see me walking and fit… SWEET!

  • Peta Jones

    Who doesn’t love getting or keeping fit and looking good?! It is important for me especially this summer. I’ve moving to the Sunshine Coast in two weeks and have just found out I’m expecting so I need to be the healthiest I can be for my new baby!

  • Jessica

    I’m definitely all for getting the perfect fit for Summer. Summer time is all about the heat, blood, sweat (yuck!) and tears and if there’s a even a slight way to feel comfortable and relaxed is to be comfortable in your shoes! I don’t want to come out of Summer with sore feet so the perfect fit is more than important to me.

  • Thanh

    Not for me but for my mum, I would love for her to have the perfect pair of shoes! She’s starting to regularly exercise now because of her diabetes and I would love for her to be fitted in shoes light as air! Until there is a cure for diabetes, she would definitely be needing a perfect fit!

  • RosslynT

    As an older solo mum of three children, fitness is a piority. It’s time for me without excuses to get out each morning and walk and walk and walk!

  • As a healthy lifestyle blogger, keeping fit is very important to me. I love exercising outdoors in the summer, it’s so much better to be running around the neighbourhood or at the park rather than on the treadmill!

  • Kelly Arndt

    I love the Athlete’s Foot stores, because you actually have experts assessing you for the right shoe to fit your foot. I have just passed 40(41, OMG!)and find that when trying to keep fit, a shoe that fits well is REALLY important, or I end up paying for my efforts with sore heels or ankles. I would love to win to be outfitted for a pair of joggers that will allow me to keep fit just a bit more easily!

  • Being healthy not just fit is really important to me. I want be to grow up doing all the fun things with my daughter not be on the sidelines.

  • I’ve just joined a gym after gaining thirty kilos from being on antidepressents. I’m off the pills and trying to be happy naturally which I think excercise will help. I’d love a new pair of shoes to help me on my way!

  • Elizabeth

    I love cycling daily and I’ve just started running daily too, so the perfect fit is incredibly important to care for my feet so that I can keep up this regime for my entire life.

  • Annie

    Considering the footprints we leave on this earth are totally unique, it makes sense to get individually fitted. Adele is Rolling in the Deep, but my exaggerated pronation means my feet are rolling all over the place! This offer is really timely because I need to lose that weight I put on last Winter, otherwise I will raise and then double it by next year. Which is only good when you’re playing poker.

  • Tara P

    Love it, fit feet are essential to an aligned body ready to enjoy life!

  • Karlene

    I bought my runners on-line and they are slightly too big. If I don’t wear thick ankle socks then the left one sometimes slips off slightly. So I’m really ready to get my “fit” this Summer.

  • Walking my dogs on the beach each afternoon as I live close to the beach and it is no effort, I enjoy it.