What I Wore | Birthday

IMG 5353 11 What I Wore | Birthday

ASOS Skirt | The Mode Collective Heels | Michael Kors Oversized Watch

IMG 5331 11 What I Wore | Birthday

IMG 53721 What I Wore | Birthday

IMG 53671 What I Wore | Birthday

I had SO MUCH FUN on my birthday! George planned a surprise birthday for me which was, you guessed it, such a nice surprise!!!!!! His family, who I adore, were at the restaurant before we got there and I had no idea. I feel so lucky and special that they all went out of there way to make the evening amazing for me.

We ate lots of yummy food, drank wine and had lots of laughs. Then carried on after dinner to  The Star Casino! Such a fun filled evening!

♥ Mini GIVEAWAY! ♥ Perfect coffee table book, all about BAGS, thanks to Inbooks! It showcases some incredible handbags and accessories—from 17th century French bridal purses to Hermès designs of the 1990s! Be sure to enter! Just head to my facebook page.

P.s. Do you like my corner vase and flowers? I’m addicted to IKEA! You’ll find me there at least once a fortnight eating dinner with friend and walking around, finding a million things for my home!

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  • http://awayfromtheblue.blogspot.com/ Mica

    Happy Birthday! Really like that maxi skirt on you, beautiful :)


    • http://www.thesydneygirl.com thesydneygirl

      Thanks Mica! X

  • Ursula Williams

    Looking gorge! Happy Birthday as well! The giveaway sounds fun too.


    • http://www.thesydneygirl.com thesydneygirl

      Thank you Ursula! :)

  • Victoria Holgersson

    Omg I absolutely LOVE your hair !!!

    • http://www.thesydneygirl.com thesydneygirl

      Thanks! :D I love my GHD! :D

  • Timi Onduku-Pedley

    Love the top, you look gorgeous

    • http://www.thesydneygirl.com thesydneygirl

      Thank you Timi! :)

    • http://www.thesydneygirl.com thesydneygirl

      Thank you Timi!!!! Such a compliment coming from you xxx

  • M+K

    Happy belated birthday! I love the whole outfit and your hair is amazing :) Could you maybe do a post/tutorial on how you did your hair?

    • http://www.thesydneygirl.com thesydneygirl

      Thanks so much!! :) Yes I could do a post on how I did my hair! Will work on one! x