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4 Great Apps to Learn Another Language Fast

Language is an important factor in communicating effectively, whether you are gearing up so as to order a meal on your next vacation, communicating with a friend in his native language, studying for exams, or you simply want to add a skill set to your resume, learning a new language is a great way to expand your mind. It’s always a great time to learn a new language.

You can pile up on books, spend hours listening to audios, take an online class, or try your goals easily.


It is very easy to get started with learning a new language with Dualingo, just open the

app and the language you would like to learn to immediately begin the course.

Dualingo begins by using pictures, text and auido to help you learn a different language,

the idea is to connect the sound translation with the visual of the text and pictures, then

have you manually translate the audio back into your native language to help learn new words.

It is structured from easy to more difficult which helps build on your vocabulary and sentence structure. It’s amazing how quickly you can understand the basics without even realizing it. Also,  it’s easy to revisit previous lessons and work on your weaknesses.

Duolingo offers a great experience, lets you practice and thus makes learning

Enjoyable. It works with Andriod and ios and web.


Busuu app is  easy to use and is flexible with how to access the courses, all you have to do is pick the language you want  to learn, log in  and decide where you would like to start -Beginner, Elementary, intermediate, upper intermediate or travel.

The app teaches you vocabulary words and phrases. Both in sentences or alone and then you take quizzes as you make progress through the levels to test your knowledge.

The app also provides offline access, grammar tips to ensure continuous learning.

Works with Andriod and ios and web.


Memrise is another free language learning app, its is also easy to work with, supports offline courses, and lets you learn a varieties of languages. You can start with off simple or skip to advance lessons.

Memrise has a unique way of teaching you new words and phrases, words are fixed into sentences with similar sounds to your native languages to build a connection and help you remember them easily.Another method memrise uses to teach a different language is by mixing up the translations in other to learn new words and then keep learning them continuously in a different order to ensure you know them before moving you to the next section.

Works with Andriod and ios and web.

Rosetta Stone

Rosetta Stone has been teaching languages for 25 years. It is a professional-grade service for language learning, but they also offer a free app to help learners with basic words and phrases.

There are dozen of pictures tied to phrases  that are spoken to you in the language you want to learn and you have to repeat the word back to practice your pronunciation.

There are also phrase books with basic words and words related to hotels, restaurants and  getting around, all very useful to travelers.

Works with Andriod and ios and web.

You can use these different language learning apps to reach your goals. These apps are accessible and they ensure a speedy learning process.

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