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5 Ways to Start Your Own Podcast

The world is listening to podcasts. It is estimated that over 50 million people listen to podcasts every month. Now, that is a huge chunk of the world’s population. It is amazing that with this amount of people patronizing different podcast episodes, just some people are actually taking out time to create podcasts. This means that there are more people listening to podcasts than there are podcasts to be listened. The reason for this unequal production rate is mainly because of the perceived difficulty in creating podcasts. But, is creating a podcast really hard? See it for yourself. Here is how to create your own podcast.

Carve your own niche

This entails in choosing an area where you feel most comfortable. An area you can stay on for a long while and not get bored. This should be an area where you have sufficient knowledge, maybe music, comedy, technology or sports. Arrange your knowledge in this chosen area to secure a base for yourself.

Record your audio

If you are working on your own materials, like your own songs, get good equipment’s to record your audio. Audacity is a famous network that is very recommended by many podcast users given that it is a multi track audio editor and recorder.  You do not want to put out low quality works.If you are working with other people’s materials, like people’s songs, now is the time to download them, and edit the sound effect to suit your standard.  Remember to save it in MP3 format.

Giving your podcast an identity

This stage is where you pick a name and cover photo for your podcast. You do not want to pick a name already being used by someone else. You can use your name to avoid this situation, something like Ximena’s Music Podcast Episode. If you are dealing with a particular topic, like on studio technology, you might use Ximena’s Studio Tech Podcast Episode. Your cover photo should be something that draws attention. It should be 3000 x 3000 pixels.

Publishing your Podcast

If you have your podcast saved in MP3 format on Audacity, it would be easier to upload on other platforms. Choose a high MP3 bit rate. High bit rates have better audio quality. You might want to host it yourself to reduce cost or host with a podcast hosting site like Buzz sprout, Pod bean, or Castos.

Distributing your podcast

If you are hosting your podcast yourself, then create a website for it. Create a link leading potential subscribers to your website. Remember to share this link with your friends on your various social media handles, like Facebook, Instagram and Whats App. If you are published on a podcast hosting site, you can just copy the link to your podcast and share it to potential subscribers. Talk about your podcast with friends and remember to tell them to share it with their friends.

Congrats, you know how to create your own podcast. Now, go into the world and multiply. 

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