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Guide To Moving Pets Cross Country

Moving Pets

Pet owners regard their pets as members of their own family.  This is exactly why that when the time comes to ship pets to another city or town, their safety is a major concern for the owners. Are you planning a move that involves your pet? It is crucial that every step of the shipping process is well-planned before the actual relocation of the pet in question takes place.

Below are some measures you need to take to make sure your furry or hairless friend arrives at his/her destination safe and sound.

Visit your family vet

The very first thing which you need to do while preparing your pet for a cross country move is to take him/her to your trusted family vet or a licensed veterinarian for a full checkup. You have to make sure that your pet is in good physical health because unhealthy animals will have a very hard time on the road. Moving can cause distress to your pet and if your pet is unhealthy, it will add more stress to them.  This can also pose a major threat to other animals during transit.

Be Informed of The Laws

Most states have laws regarding the importation of pets like dogs, cats, horses, and others.  Some states require weeks of preparation to avoid a long kennel quarantine. Other states may inspect animals at the border or ask to see heath certificates.  Do check with the Animal Control Commission for the city or town where you will be moving to determine what documents you may need and for information on airports guide your pets.

Shipping your pet by land

One good way to move your pets to another state is to drive him there with your own vehicle. The road transportation of live animals is safer compared to flying because of the unpredictable effects that high altitude can have on some species. Driving is also the least expensive way of moving with pets.

If you are unable to accompany your pet during your move, using a pet transportation service can be helpful. These shipping companies offer door-to-door service, picking your pet up at home and delivering him to your destination.  There are many options available when looking to transport your pet, but choosing the right one can be overwhelming and challenging.  It is time-consuming to scour the internet and yellow pages and contact every one of them.  This is where online shipping platform like Shiply can help.  All you need to do is fill up the information required on its platform and you will receive personalized quotes from rated pet transport services sent to you within minutes. You can read through the user reviews, look at their feedback score and even message them individually with any queries or concerns you may have.

The following are a few things that needs to be taken care of before the pet transport service arrives to pick up your pet:

  • Documents like recent vaccinations and records of your pet. 
  • Properly wash your pet before travel so it will feel comfortable during the journey.
  • Ensure that you have enough food and water for your pet transport service to feed your pet during transit. It is a good idea to also enclose its favorite toys to help calm your pet.
  • Get a suitable carrier for your pet and ensure that they have enough space to be comfortable.

Ensuring that your pet arrives safely is always the first priority.  Remember that keeping your animal friend calm, safe, and healthy during the transit is crucial.