How Rep Management Agencies Repair Your Online Reputation

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Businesses around the world count on the services of reputation management agencies in order to help them to build, grow and maintain their online reputations. Another service which these companies offer that we are going to look into today is to repair your online reputation after it has taken a hit. Online reputations are so important for any business that wishes to be successful and if any damage is caused to it then repairing it as soon as possible is absolutely necessary. Let’s have a look then at exactly how these companies are able to repair your online reputation after something has gone wrong.


Let’s say for example that a business partner of yours has done something to bring his or her company into disrepute, in fact let’s say that it was a public comment which was given as they were leaving your offices. What happens in such a situation is that your company will then be found guilty by association, despite having done nothing wrong. Now, whenever someone happens to Google your company name, it is likely that in the wake of the scandal that all of the information about you on the first few pages will be relating to this partnership of yours and other negative content about you. What a reputation management company will do here is to provide lots of positive content about your business and using SEO techniques it will make sure that those pieces rank higher than the negative content, relegating the negative, and false, content so low down the search rankings that nobody will see.

Social Media

One gaff which we see quite regularly is someone who is high up in the business sending a Tweet or a Facebook post when they are drunk or angry and saying something outlandish or completely foolish, which can quickly go viral. In the event of this happening the rep management company may either suspend the account altogether and seek to begin  new one which they can control or they may simply delete the post, publish an apology, and then begin a campaign to gradually clean up the social media account with a series of positive and well-timed posts that will eventually help people to forget about the shocking error of judgement that has been made.


If a company’s reputation has been damaged by a negative review the reputation management company can actually turn this into a marketing strategy. They will do this by first ensuring that they have alerts set up to see when reviews are being left and then they will encourage the client to respond to negative reviews, offering a chance to make up for what happened. If this was a restaurant for example then they could offer a free meal for the person who left the review, which other people would see and be impressed by. Reviews can actually provide a great opportunity to make amends and gain more clients.

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