How to stay connected while traveling in Australia

traveling abroad

Traveling abroad is an adventurous trip to the unknown. And, usually, the farthest you go, the less you know about your destination. So, when people go to distant places like Australia, there are plenty of things they have to learn in advance. How to stay communicated is one of them. Having access to the internet when one is in an unknown place now is more important than ever.

Most of the information you need is there: maps, weather, hotels, and more. So, one of the first things most tourists do when they land in Australia is buying a new SIM card for their phones. And everything goes well until they find themselves in a place with poor or no phone reception at all. If you want to learn about how and where to get the best mobile signal in Australia, read on.

Stay connected with your phone

Finding the places with the best connectivity in the country is not difficult. It is just a search away. If you are not in one of the black spots (that is to say, places without connectivity), you will have no problem. If you are in one of them, however, you will have a harder time. Of course, you can implement a few tricks to maximize the little signal you can get. But if they do not work, you may want to consider investing in a signal booster. These little devices can prove to be really useful to stay connected in one of these areas.

Other ways to stay connected

Now, if this is not possible, you will need to use WiFi to have access to all the information you need. Using WiFi is the cheapest way to stay connected, though it is still quite limited. You will need to be constantly looking for cafes, airports, restaurants, train stations, or other places with free WiFi connection. Fortunately, there are plenty of Starbucks in Australia too.

Careful with public places

If you use these public hotspots, however, connections are quite likely to be slow and not very safe. You will not be able to send SMS or phone calls over WiFi, but you will still have access to all the other information. Maps, Facebook, WhatsApp, and all your other apps can be used over WiFi as well as over mobile data.

If you use this method, we recommend that you download all the vital information you will need when you have a WiFi connection, as you will not be able to access it later. For example, Google Maps allows you to download the maps of certain areas beforehand. In this way, you will not get lost, even when you are not connected.

Using satellite WiFi is also a great option if you are traveling in a van. The good part is that, in this way, you will be able to be online everywhere in the world. The negative aspect of this is that prices for these services are quite hefty. Even the most basic systems are worth a few thousand dollars. But if having a constant connection is extremely important for you, then this might be a good possibility.

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