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blowdried my hair yesterday and put the hot rollers in. i let them cool down a little
before putting them in and i think that’s where i made the mistake. my hair turned
out nice, but i wanted big curls. practice makes perfect. meanwhile i’m investigating
steam rollers, or bigger foam rollers than the ones i have to leave in overnight.

today went apartment hunting with George. nothing spectactular yet. i’m really
trying to be patient and stay positive. please send me positive energy and happy
vibes. i really, really, really want to find something nice.

have a wonderful weekend. be happy icon smile hair experimenting

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plait1 plaits
plait3 plaits
plaits are one of my favourite styles ever. here is some more plait
inspiration for you.
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that’s my name, do wear it out.


carrienecklace thats my name, do wear it out.
My Name Necklace

i now have my very own ‘joelyne’ necklace and i
will treasure if forever and ever.

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