pretty in pink
- Sportsgirls Nail it! in Ballerina-
– the Flamingo from my kitchen poses for me -

You may have seen my nail it give away a
few months ago. I just love this nail polish!
I think every aussie girl has one or more of these.


- adore my new suede boots –
wearing them this weekend to a Christening
victor and rolf
Victor & Rolf ruffle it up

-National Geographic-
-Victor & Rolf SS10-

rainy day


It’s the long weekend here in Sydney. It’s dark outside,
cloudy and has been raining on and off. I’m a bit uninspired
at the moment due to this weather, but these photos I took
cheered me up. Letting my creativity run free is always a pick
me up. Plus – I purchased this Zimmermann beauty yesterday.
I adore the sheer fabric.

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