charlie brown


– Charlie Brown Jacket –

I have just welcomed this newbie to my jacket collection. Isn’t he wonderful?
Those amazing prints caught my eye and I couldn’t resist trying it on. And how
incredibly comfortable it was. I fell in love and that was it. He had to be mine.
He will keep me warm in Autumn and Winter. He’s exactly what I need. Oh and
I’m sure you’ll keep me warm too *George ;-)
*George is the bf. Don’t want him to get
jealous now.


pyramid ring



This is me just before I went to a lovely Greek Christening last Saturday.
I wish I took a whole outfit photo but I was in a rush. This was taken just
a few minutes before G picked me up. What first got me about this dress
was the silhouette. It was just hanging so perfectly on that hanger. Then
the colour. I have never worn brown before because I thought it would
look bad next to my skin tone. But after a friend who has the same skin
tone told me that she was looking for a brown dress – and that the right
colour brown would certainly suit me, i re-evaluated and decided to try
brown from now on.I found this gorgeous Pyramid Ring a few weeks ago at one of my
favourite stores, Bardot. It’s like a giant metal stud. I loves it!Wishing everyone a lovely long weekend and Happy Easter.

Crème Brûlée

– My Crème Brûlée Outfit –

Mum said when in doubt, stick to neutral tones. So I did.
I’ve had this animal print bag for years and years. I adore it.
It was a bit chilly this morning and I knew it would get hotter
later on in the day. So I layered up, and then layered down.