Eyebrow Styling

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I was gifted these awesome beauty products, from QVS, to style my eyebrows with the help of this fantastic video tutorial by QVS and UBU!

Eyebrows done well can really bring out your features. Keep them close to natural as possible, with a nice shape. My advice is to not over-tweeze and don’t overstate the shape of the brow.


Once or twice a year I’ll go to a beautician to get my eyebrows shaped, and the rest of the year I do them myself. To get the perfect brow, with my own little tiny eyebrow scissors, I trim the longer hairs up the top, and pluck the rest. No wax involved. It’s actually not that hard to do, and this video provides some great tips and tricks, that are really helpful.

Most recently I followed the instructions in the video, using the In-Style tweezers, and they are seriously really good! Easy to use and far more accurate when aiming!

Thanks to the video tutorial, and the QVS angled brush, I now use brown eye shadow to fill in my eyebrows, and it lasts all day.


The items mentioned were a gift from QVS. As always, the content & opinions expressed here are entirely my own and I bring to you only the best products and experiences.

Curl Curl, Northern Sydney

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Tim and I like to explore and find dog friendly areas for Alby where he can play and socialise with other dogs, and where we can also enjoy the surrounding scenery and atmosphere. The Warringah area has quite a few off leash spots for dogs, which is really great to see. 🐶 Click here to find out more.


A beautiful doggie park just off Curl Curl Lagoon. Such amazing views of the surrounding residential areas. This park is really green and natural, with tiny little hills. Alby had a blast!


Curl Curl Lagoon where doggies are allowed off the leash.  Not sure I’d let Alby into the water though, as it may be contaminated. But it’s a nice spot to run on the sand, throw the ball around and socialise.

The Sydney Girl Guide to Greece!

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I’ve been to Mykonos twice, and it’s my absolute favourite island in Greece. The best part about it, is that you can explore so many beautiful parts of the island on a quad bike. It is such a wonderful adventure. The beaches are spectacular. The view of the sea. The rocky, brown, sandy mountains. You can visit a secluded beach, for some peace and solitude, or a lively one for a party atmosphere. Read and see more about my time at the awesome island of Mykonos.


Santorini is a breath of fresh air. Bright, luminous, beautiful. It fills your heart up with warmth. In every glimpse, you’ll find a picture perfect moment. I could not stop snapping away with my camera. Read and see more about my trip to Santorini.


I’ve been to this gorgeous place twice. And each time, it was filled with surprises. There are so many places to visit. I was lucky to have some wonderful people, my exes parents, take me around to explore this wonderful place. Read and see more about my adventures in Nafplio.


I’ve also been here twice. I feel so grateful to have spent so much time in such magical places. Princess Diana loved Spetses, and so did I. This place makes you feel like a princess. There are no cars on this small island. Just horse and carriages, and buses to take people on tours of the island. Read and see more on my time in Spetses.


It was exciting to explore this island, because I read the book ‘Captain Corelli’s Mandolin’, which was set in the island of Kefalonia. What I love about Greece, is each of it’s islands are unique. This island was very green compared to the others I’ve been to. Gorgeous flowers, amongst huge, pretty homes. There was a beach which reminded me of the beaches here in Sydney. It had waves, unlike many of the beaches in Greece. Read and see more of the beautiful island Kefalonia.


I didn’t spend much time on this island. It was a stop off just before Spetses. I still managed to take lots of photos. Again, this island felt very different to the others I’ve been to. Read and see more about Hydra.

Thin Tea!

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thin tea


How cute is this tea strainer!!! It really makes drinking tea a pleasure. 🌺


I’ve just started using Thin Tea’s 28 Day Detox and Fat Burning blends of tea, which are full of natural ingredients! 💖 In 28 days I’ll give you an update on how it made me feel!

You can order the strainer and variety of tea blends online at thintea.com.au, which includes free shipping to Sydney, Australia and world wide! #gifted #tea #digestion #health


Work Outfit

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🌸 After decluttering my wardrobe, which I spoke about here, I pick out and purchase new clothes and accessories very carefully. I’ve chosen to stick to neutral colours, as they usually get the most wear. I’m coveting long skirts at the moment, and found this awesome skirt for $40 only at a cute clothing store in Central, Sydney (where the tunnel is, next to oportos). These heels arrived yesterday, I purchased them off ASOS au, and I’m really loving them! ❤ I’ve never been let down by shoes from ASOS. I find they are always true to size. Nope, this is not a sponsored post. I just love ASOS. Heels which tie up around my ankle, I find,  give me the best support. So comfortable! And you can’t go wrong with block heels. They don’t get annoyingly stuck in holes and ruined like stilettos. Although, that won’t ever stop me from buying stilettos! For those of you who are curious, I work in an office environment! Which I’m grateful for, because I get to dress up every day! 😄