b i r t h d a y

birthday b i r t h d a y

Some snippets from my birthday celebrations in Hawaii last month! One of my mantras for this year is to *enjoy the little things*!!!

While I was away my beautiful pet bird was sick (now he is in a better place). I was so distraught but I HAD to keep a smile on my face and remember that life is beautiful and meant to be enjoyed. I knew he wanted me to be happy.

Like I said on my instagram, his life and death has brought me joy and sorrow, and in his memory I will embrace life, spend time & appreciate the wonderful souls I have in it! J xxx

What I wore to work today!

IMG 75821 What I wore to work today! IMG 75641 What I wore to work today!  IMG 75551 What I wore to work today! IMG 75491 What I wore to work today!

I have been meaning to wear this dress gifted by gorgeous label #nataliechapman for AGES! I didn’t feel as confident in it 6 months ago. I felt like it was too tight. But I realised I was being silly. It’s such a gorgeous dress which deserves to be shown off!

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IMG 9999 Kefalonia

I have been blessed to experience beautiful beaches! Here are some photos from my trip last year to Kefalonia Island in Greece.

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snorkeling in hawaii!

IMGP0092 snorkeling in hawaii! IMGP0093 snorkeling in hawaii! IMGP0071 snorkeling in hawaii!IMGP0056 snorkeling in hawaii!IMGP0059 snorkeling in hawaii!


Peace xxx

Weekend away to Port Stephens

baliatthebay1 Weekend away to Port Stephens

'Bali at the Bay' - Port Stephens

I really felt like I was in Bali in this luxury accommodation, Bali at the Bay. I made sure to take lots of piccies for you guys, so you can see how awesome this place is. Balinese lounge, hand carved coffee table and ornaments. It felt very warm and cozy! An array of DVDs to choose from. I do enjoy my movies. Strawberries, wine, beer and cheese upon arrival. I truly felt spoilt.

Port Stephens was a 2 hour and 20 minute drive from Sydney. Not too bad if you’re spending a Friday and Saturday night away. I took a half day at work, which meant I could arrive at Port Stephens at a reasonable time.

I went bike riding, snorkelling, quad biking at the sand dunes and lots of eating out and in. Wine with cheese was my favourite indulgence.

Great for a weekend away with girlfriends or your partner. I absolutely recommend it!!!



go for a bike ride on the weekend!

bike1 go for a bike ride on the weekend!

Ventura Comp Jamis - Road Bicycle

I’ve been meaning to get a bicycle for FOREVER, so that I could go for a ride down to my local beach Brighton le Sands.  I FINALLY got one, a proper road bicycle gifted by a special someone. LUCKY me icon smile go for a bike ride on the weekend!

I used to ride a mountain bike all the time as a kid/teen with the other kids in the neighbourhood and for the past year have been yearning to go for a ride to remember those cycling days. A road bicycle is quite different, with the handle bars lower, and thinner tyres. It takes a while to get used to. I think I’ve got the hang of it now!

It’s such a great way to be out in nature and exercise without even noticing it. Recently I’ve ridden at Brighton le Sands which has a great bicycle track and Port Stephens while holidaying.

I’m going to be hitting up these spots for a bike ride real soon! Do you ride? Where’s your favourite spot? xxx

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quad biking in the sand dunes!!!

IMG 6106 quad biking in the sand dunes!!!

Port Stephens Sand Dunes

IMG 6021 quad biking in the sand dunes!!!

SO BEAUTIFUL and EXHILERATINGIMG 6018 quad biking in the sand dunes!!!

When I was in Mykonos, quad bikes were the best way to get around and it was so much fun but I was always driven by someone else! In Port Stephens, I got the chance to ride all on my own and it was fricken awesome.


I had no bloody idea that these sorts of sand dunes existed in Australia. I felt like I was in the desert! So amazing. And with that I say – HAPPY AUSTRALIA DAY! This country is pretty awesome.

Coming down the huge sand hills was a bit scary, but I am a bit of a thrill seeker. I do like an adreneline rush. Although, I promise – it’s not TOO scary icon smile quad biking in the sand dunes!!!

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