Wood Watch

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Whenever I wear this watch I get compliments because it’s so unique. My two favourites – wood & the colour pink, how could I go wrong! I’m so incredibly, ridiculously fussy about watches. I’ve only worn a watch in the last 5 years. Before that, I’d use my phone religiously to tell the time. I’ve only owned two watches that I’ve worn over and over, and this is definitely one of them. I just love how unique it is. My whole apartment is full of wood (or faux wood). Wood floors, bookshelf, desk, kennel, bed, bedside tables, cupboards and the list goes on. It’s such a beautiful, natural substance to surround yourself in. That and plants.

It’s really cool because it works based on movement. To start it up you need to wind it up, and throughout the day it charges up by your natural movements.


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The perfect Christmas present! Check it out on woodwatches.com


Carss Bush Park, Sydney

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Carss Park is a really beautiful place to go for a picnic. It’s located at Carwar Ave, Carss Park and includes beautiful water views, bushland and a historical museum. There’s a cycleway for those who like riding, a walking track and BBQ facilities. There’s also a dog friendly area – which of course, I love!

It’s very local to me, and I enjoy going there, especially in the warmer weather. I’ll be here a lot over the next 6 months I’m sure.

Homemade Marmalade

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I truly enjoy the simple pleasures in life. Especially the super delicious ones. ☺ A wonderful way to start my Saturday.

This amazing homemade marmalade (with seville orange, blood orange + whiskey 😻) was made by my friend and colleague, Sal, in an effort to raise money for a wonderful cause, Cerebral Palsy Alliance.


Sal is also taking part in Steptember, making 10,000 steps a day! A fantastic way to keep fit and raise money. Any donation, however small, will help towards making life better for children and adults with cerebral palsy, and for their families, and towards research into preventing cerebral palsy. Donate here. You can even use Paypal, which makes it super easy to donate.

Sydney Park

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One of the most dog friendly parks in Sydney, and one of the most luscious, green parks, it’s no wonder we always end up here. We used to drive past it all the time, and had no idea how amazing this park was until we stopped off one day, and were truly blown away. Pretty, green hills, creeks, pathways & wetlands. Lots of trees, birds and greenery everywhere.🌱🍃


There’s a view of the beautiful Sydney city when you stand on top of the hill, however, once you’re within the park, you don’t feel anywhere close to the city. It’s also very spacious and the pathway takes you to different aspects of the park. So you feel like you’re on a little adventure.


As you drive past, you’ll recognise the brick chimneys, right near Newtown!


A great place to go for a picnic, a walk, a jog and (I’m not going to say bike ride – because Alby doesn’t get along with bikes!) 🐶 Bring your dog and they all socialise together, which is wonderful to see. I should mention that I’ve noticed a very cool kids playground, with all sorts of equipment. A great place for kids to have fun, too!

IMG_4474Where is it, you ask:

🏠 Sydney Park, Sydney Park Rd, St Peters NSW 2044