the power of attraction

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Hydra Greece, 2011.

How to attract what you want in life…

I thought I’d update and reinvigorate this post I wrote when I first started my blog in 2009 – 7 years ago (post below). I can’t believe it has been that long since I’ve had this blog. A lot has happened in that time, as it does for everyone within that time frame.

I’m now 30, back then I was 23! Wow. Really. So much time has gone by. I’m 30!!! It’s very exciting, and funny that as I get older, the happier and more comfortable in my skin I feel. Feeling more secure, stable and independent.

The Power of Attraction is something I have always believed in, and continue to believe in. I’ll start off with a change I knew I had to make 3 years ago, even though it seemed like the hardest thing to do, ever…

I was in a job for nearly 9 years, which is a long time, especially for my generation (who always like to move around). I got really comfortable, and really great at my job. The money was great. But, I also felt bored, in a rut, and just stagnant. I felt like I had learnt all there was to learn in that job. It was time to move on. It was incredibly hard to imagine. It felt like I would have to take a million steps to make that change. Write a resume, apply for jobs, go for interviews. It just seemed so out of my comfort zone.

But, I did it. I knew I had to change jobs, otherwise I’d remain unhappy and not learning and growing.

So I took one step. I did my resume. That’s all it took for me to feel like this wouldn’t be so hard. I applied for 3 jobs. I got rejected for one, and thought, okay – not meant to be. And the next one I got a call to come in for an interview. I went for it, and got the job. I felt like a million bucks.

That was 3 years ago now.

Another time I felt like I needed to make a change was when I was feeling immensely tired, lethargic, and just plain unhappy. Everything in my life was great. Why did I feel like this? ….. no exercise, and not eating right, that’s what. Exercise? I felt like that was just soooooo too hard. I had no motivation for it. I couldn’t imagine making the effort to commit to it. I had tried and failed so many times before, as if I could make this change?

But, I did it. I knew I needed to exercise to create a domino effect that would also change my eating habits and make me feel so much better than what I was feeling.

I took one step, like I did 3 years ago when I needed to change jobs. I made an appointment with a local gym. It was a failure. Way too expensive and just didn’t feel right. So, I didn’t give up. I spoke to a few people. Mainly my boyfriend and manager (which I told you about here and here) and I made an appointment with a gym close to my work. And that was it. It felt right. My trainer is AWESOME. Yes, in caps. Saying it out loud. I consider her a friend now. She’s fun, motivating, smart and gets me to do stuff I never thought I could. Lift weights, box, cardio. Push ups. Pull ups. Squats. Rowing. Deadlifts. So. Much.

I feel amazing now, and I’ve been doing that for 1 year and a half. Started with one day a week. Then 2, and now 3.

How did I make these changes?

I take time to reflect. Taking a step back to look at my life. What am I grateful for? What do I want to improve? How could I make my life even more amazing?

A dear friend of mine, who has now sadly passed away, taught me how to set goals – especially at times I wasn’t feeling my best. I will always remember him for how much he helped me with an important life skill. Without these skills, who knows where I’d be.

Setting small, teeny tiny, small action steps.

It doesn’t take just one method to reach goals. I’ve read many books, watched many videos and do all sorts of things to reach my goals. Sometimes I’ll read and something in a book will inspire me to do something different. Or, I’ll write in my journal reflecting on my blessings and what I’d like to improve. I’ll pin things on my wishlist on pinterest, or create a vision board to visualise what I’d love in my life, like I did here. I talk to people about my goals, and take on the great ideas they have. It helps to write goals down, and write the small action steps associated with them in a planner diary of some sort. I surround myself with positive people. There are so many things you can do.

I think the key is being grateful for what you have, reminding yourself on a daily basis what you’re grateful for, visualising what you’d really like in your life and also reminding yourself of that, in many ways, as much as possible.

What I’ve achieved and grateful for:

  • God, first and foremost for his love, strength and guidance.
  • My wonderful boyfriend, Tim.
  • I finally got a dog, which has been a dream of mine for so long.
  • My apartment, purchased 4 years ago.
  • My new job as of this year.
  • Regular exercise and healthy eating habits.
  • Being able to eat delicious food. It’s all about balance.
  • My home is becoming a haven! Slowly, slowly.
  • My tablet, which I can read so many amazing books on!
  • My feeling of gratitude, my feeling of peace. And most of all for all my learning experiences, good and bad.
  • Time spent with amazing people
  • Travel! ! ! I’ve been to so many beautiful and awe-inspiring places.
  • My blog. Reviewing amazing products and experiences, and sharing that all with you.

… the list goes on and on. And so it should.


I’ve shared a lot with you here on my blog. My illustrations, outfits, makeup shots, inspirations, fantastic experiences I’ve had such as modeling and ballet as a child – and my day to day interests. I wanted to share with you a bit more about myself and hopefully inspire you =)

My main goal is to be happy. I work full time in a job I love and adore. The people I work with are wonderful, I feel motivated to go to work and the $$$ is great! So I  appreciate my job and always will. I think it’s important to feel grateful for what you have.

Another thing I am grateful for is my gorgeous little Peugeot convertible. You probably don’t know about it – until now – but I’m sharing it with you cause there’s a story behind how I got it.

‘The Power of Attraction’

Around 3 years ago, on a random day at home, my mum ripped out a picture from a magazine of a silver Holden convertible and gave it to me to visualise what my ‘dream
car’ would look like. When I first saw it I thought yeah yeah maybe one day, so I put it up on my wall thinking – no chance – at first!

As I saw it every day I wanted it even more and more!!! I was trying to find ways to be able to have a car like this.

In the meantime I was saving for a unit – but really needed to buy a car. I had sold my little $5000 Mazda and was ready for a new car. So I looked up on the trading post ‘convertible’. I thought it would probably be around the $50,000 dollar mark – which was definitely something I could not afford and was not willing to spend on a car. So I decided to see what I could find with the amount I had saved – which at the time was around the $20,000 mark. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw a Peugeot convertible going for $19,550 come up in the results! I never knew that this type of car was around this price range. And the car was even more amazing than the original car I had in mind.

I contacted the seller, who was selling the car because she was going overseas again and needed to pay off her $20,000 loan. Funny enough she lived in the SAME suburb (meant to be or what?!) I went to go and see it, test drove it and fell in love. So I made the decision to buy it! It was literally a dream come true.

I never thought I would end up getting a car like that when my mum first handed me that magazine tear sheet. But once the dream was in place, and the visualisation was there, step by step, little by little my dream was coming closer and became a reality in the end. I’ve had my little Peugeot for 3 years now and it’s still going great –
knock on wood haha.

I’ve read several books which cover this universal law of attraction. Two of them being – ‘The power of attraction’ and ‘the secret’. So now I live by it. If there’s anything I want – I visualise that I have it, imagine myself surrounded by it – and therefore attract it to myself.

My tips for you:

1. Find pictures/videos or whatever you can of something you want.
2. Place them somewhere you will see frequently.
3. Visualise – imagine yourself having it. Be creative.
4. Don’t worry about when it will come. It will, at the right time.

Good luck!



Yes, I’m 30. And I’m excited! Yay! 😄

I’m looking forward to a year of learning & adventure.

I think getting older is something to be grateful and excited about. We are here in this beautiful world and lucky to be here.

Happy New Year to those I haven’t been in touch with. Wishing you all a blessed and wonderful year.

A mantra for the year to remind ourselves…
‘Actually, I can. ‘

Im no longer on Facebook, but for those who’d like to keep in touch, I’d love to hear from you xo




Celebrating my birthday at The Grounds of Alexandria with my dear friend Jackie.



The beauty of Australian Natives at my workplace, University of Sydney.




My 💟





Celebrating my birthday with Tim & Amy at Papi Chulo, Manly. Food 👌






Enjoying my approaching 30th with Alby Boomba.

My first time camping – inskip, QLD


I’ve been away for a while (from the blog, that is). Life happens. But I’m back now, and my hope is, scratch that, I’m determined to – make time for my passions. Last year was a hectic year on many fronts, and now I’m here, I look back and feel excited about what this new year will bring. I got a new job, and I feel it’s going to be amazing. I foresee challenge, and hard work, but that’s what I thrive on. I’m looking forward to it.

This trip was wonderful. I absolutely love camping! Being close to nature, with my loved ones, enjoying the simple things. They’re usually the best things. A hot cup of coffee in the morning – the water taking 10 minutes to boil really reminds you of how good we have it. I was able to sneak in one hot shower – what a delight.


We went 4 wheel driving on the beach, which was pretty cool. Camped at Inskip, a dog friendly campsite in QLD. Rigt next to Frasier Island. Kinda wish we made the effort to go over now that Im hearing all the rave reviews.













Wood Watch



Whenever I wear this watch I get compliments because it’s so unique. My two favourites – wood & the colour pink, how could I go wrong! I’m so incredibly, ridiculously fussy about watches. I’ve only worn a watch in the last 5 years. Before that, I’d use my phone religiously to tell the time. I’ve only owned two watches that I’ve worn over and over, and this is definitely one of them. I just love how unique it is. My whole apartment is full of wood (or faux wood). Wood floors, bookshelf, desk, kennel, bed, bedside tables, cupboards and the list goes on. It’s such a beautiful, natural substance to surround yourself in. That and plants.

It’s really cool because it works based on movement. To start it up you need to wind it up, and throughout the day it charges up by your natural movements.


2015-12-08 07.48.47 1


The perfect Christmas present! Check it out on


Carss Bush Park, Sydney

IMG_4782 IMG_4779 IMG_4780 IMG_4781 IMG_4784 IMG_4805 IMG_4818

Carss Park is a really beautiful place to go for a picnic. It’s located at Carwar Ave, Carss Park and includes beautiful water views, bushland and a historical museum. There’s a cycleway for those who like riding, a walking track and BBQ facilities. There’s also a dog friendly area – which of course, I love!

It’s very local to me, and I enjoy going there, especially in the warmer weather. I’ll be here a lot over the next 6 months I’m sure.

Sydney Park


One of the most dog friendly parks in Sydney, and one of the most luscious, green parks, it’s no wonder we always end up here. We used to drive past it all the time, and had no idea how amazing this park was until we stopped off one day, and were truly blown away. Pretty, green hills, creeks, pathways & wetlands. Lots of trees, birds and greenery everywhere.🌱🍃


There’s a view of the beautiful Sydney city when you stand on top of the hill, however, once you’re within the park, you don’t feel anywhere close to the city. It’s also very spacious and the pathway takes you to different aspects of the park. So you feel like you’re on a little adventure.


As you drive past, you’ll recognise the brick chimneys, right near Newtown!


A great place to go for a picnic, a walk, a jog and (I’m not going to say bike ride – because Alby doesn’t get along with bikes!) 🐶 Bring your dog and they all socialise together, which is wonderful to see. I should mention that I’ve noticed a very cool kids playground, with all sorts of equipment. A great place for kids to have fun, too!

IMG_4474Where is it, you ask:

🏠 Sydney Park, Sydney Park Rd, St Peters NSW 2044

The Martian

the martianthe martian

Twentieth Century Fox kindly invited me to a pre-screening of The Martian, starring the amazing Matt Damon in 3D, at Event Cinemas George Street, Sydney. An inspiring journey of an Astronaut that ends up being left behind, alone on planet Mars. He perseveres, with incredibly strong willpower, to survive on this planet in the hopes that he will be rescued one day. A powerful message portrayed, to never give up. In Cinemas October 1.

😍😍😍😍😍 5 heart eyes from me!

A movable feast at The Star, Sydney

The Sydney Morning Herald Good Food Month, presented by Citi, is just around the corner, taking place throughout October in Sydney for the eighth consecutive year, with the festival’s signature Night Noodle Markets kicking off on 8 October. 🍴

To celebrate, Citi bank kindly invited me to an exciting evening of good food, wine and company at The Star, Sydney. It was a delectable taste of what is to come at this year’s Good Food Month, which showcased the Citibank Dining Program. I was taken on a Movable Feast, dining at three of The Star’s most popular restaurants: The Century, Black by Ezard and Sokyo. 

The Century – Entree Menu

Medley of Appetizers

Salt & Pepper Squid | Salad of black fungus, tofu and carrot with a hint of sesame | Lightly battered cubed eggplant with house made sweet soy | Cold cut cucumber with sesame and vinaigrette


I am a sucker for tasting a little bit of everything. So this medley plate hit the spot!

McWilliam’s Wines to match

2015 Mount Pleasant “Elizabeth” Semillion – Hunter Valley, NSW | 2013 McWilliam’s “Appellation” Sauvignon Blanc – Orange, NSW


The wine was incredibly smooth and went really well with the food. I am not the greatest at picking wine, so it was pretty awesome that this wine was picked for me!

Dim sum basket random sampler

Steamed scallop and prawn sui mai | Steamed chives & prawn har gow coloured w/ natural veg juice | Steamed mixed enoki and shitaki crystal dumplings in a clear dumpling skin | Steamed sticky rice bun w/ lap cheong & cured meats in thin egg wrap.

wpid-20150917_185741 (1)IMG_4706

From the sea

Contrasting steamed scallops with and without roe and frills.

wpid-20150917_191752 (2)

I thought it was really cool that they provided one scallop cooked from fresh, and one cooked from frozen, so that we could tell the difference. On the fresh scallop they also kept the frill which is usually taken off. Obviously, the fresh scallop was the tastiest!!! 😍

BLACK by Ezard – Main Menu

Fillet beef grass fed, smoked potato, asparagus, charred onion, bone marrow jus.

IMG_4721wpid-20150917_202547 (1)

The smokeyness on this plate was incredible. The beef was cooked to perfection. Well done chef!


Sokyo – Dessert Menu

Yuzu & white chocolate cheesecake with blood peach granita, blood peach meringue, dehydrated shiso, ginger bread crumbles, yuzu gel and ginger gel.

IMG_4734Looks delicious. Tasted delicious. I’m very fussy with dessert. This was not overbearingly sweet. Just right. I love a little bit of meringue with dessert. Gives texture, and a wonderful flavour when paired with the gel and cake.

The evening was spectacular. Great food, wine and company – what more could you ask for?

I’ve also been invited to attend the Night Noodle Markets, to be seated in the Citi VIP area on the launch night, which is Thursday 3 October. SO excited!!! There will be reserved seating, where I’ll be seated amongst Citi customers, with a dedicated bar, where we can order from Citibank Dining Program stalls, East Ocean and Daniel San through the Citi Concierge team from the comfort of our own seats. That’s what I’m talkin’ bout!!! 🍴😍😃 #CitiVIP #Citibankdine

I L❤VE the Noodle Markets, so I cannot wait!

Special thanks to Citi Bank for hosting me as their guest. As always, the content & opinions expressed here are entirely my own.