Sunday, 9 March 2014

floral Sunday, 9 March 2014

Bittersweet; arousing pleasure tinged with sadness or pain.

The past 6-8 months has been bittersweet. A relationship of 5 years ended. I went on 2 amazing holidays; Greece and Hawaii. My Budgie Pookie who I had a strong bond with died. People have been amazingly generous. My moods haven’t been my best. I’ve been spending more time with family. I met someone new who is thoughtful and such a wonderful soul.

Not sure what’s next, but  I guess that’s the magical part. Staying positive and patient. Meditating, praying and remembering to be *grateful*.

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b i r t h d a y

birthday b i r t h d a y

Some snippets from my birthday celebrations in Hawaii last month! One of my mantras for this year is to *enjoy the little things*!!!

While I was away my beautiful pet bird was sick (now he is in a better place). I was so distraught but I HAD to keep a smile on my face and remember that life is beautiful and meant to be enjoyed. I knew he wanted me to be happy.

Like I said on my instagram, his life and death has brought me joy and sorrow, and in his memory I will embrace life, spend time & appreciate the wonderful souls I have in it! J xxx

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What I wore to work today!

IMG 75821 What I wore to work today! IMG 75641 What I wore to work today!  IMG 75551 What I wore to work today! IMG 75491 What I wore to work today!

I have been meaning to wear this dress gifted by gorgeous label #nataliechapman for AGES! I didn’t feel as confident in it 6 months ago. I felt like it was too tight. But I realised I was being silly. It’s such a gorgeous dress which deserves to be shown off!

#dress #nataliechapman #flats #michaelkors #outfit

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