Fly point snorkeling
Fly Point

Fly point snorkeling Fly point snorkeling

Fly Point, Port Stephens.

Had so much fun snorkeling here! !

mm coffee

lee riders summer 13

REALLY enjoying my holidays. Wearing #GIFTED Lee Rider Dungaree Dress and got a bit creative with the roses @>—>—

Love, soy mocca girl.


wattamolla wattamolla

Wattamolla, Royal National Park Sydney

This place was fricken amazing!!! My first time visiting, when I laid my eyes upon it I couldn’t believe I hadn’t been here before. A gorgeous spot in the Royal National Park, it’s a must go on a beautiful warm day.


baku 1


Under the Sea



Watching sea life under the water is so peaceful. And snorkeling is SO easy to do. It’s only a recent discovery of mine. My first time was snorkeling on the Greek Island, Kefalonia this year. Ahmaaaazing.

I got a new Roxy wetsuit which I absolutely love….. it’s got PINK on it! Of course I love it

P.s. I had no idea wetsuits were made to keep you warm in the water. (I feel really silly admitting that). I’m no longer a wuss in the water!

What I Wore | Work

work outfit work outfit

Simple! Navy and Beige!


Fotor1104212439 Fotor1104212647 Fotor1104212844

Such a cute charm bracelet! Thank you Najo Jewellery! I am a sucker for cute accessories. Great idea for a gift.

 #najojewellery #charm #initial #gifted

Specsavers Launch | What I Wore


Here are some more pics from Alex Perry’s Specsavers launch :) I have worn the heck out of this Sheike dress! Thanks again to his PR for looking after me with a beautiful lunch, view and transport to and from the event :) I met some really lovely people! I definitely love being a blogger!

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