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lee riders summer 13

REALLY enjoying my holidays. Wearing #GIFTED Lee Rider Dungaree Dress and got a bit creative with the roses @>—>—

Love, soy mocca girl.


wattamolla wattamolla

Wattamolla, Royal National Park Sydney

This place was fricken amazing!!! My first time visiting, when I laid my eyes upon it I couldn’t believe I hadn’t been here before. A gorgeous spot in the Royal National Park, it’s a must go on a beautiful warm day.


baku 1


Under the Sea



Watching sea life under the water is so peaceful. And snorkeling is SO easy to do. It’s only a recent discovery of mine. My first time was snorkeling on the Greek Island, Kefalonia this year. Ahmaaaazing.

I got a new Roxy wetsuit which I absolutely love….. it’s got PINK on it! Of course I love it

P.s. I had no idea wetsuits were made to keep you warm in the water. (I feel really silly admitting that). I’m no longer a wuss in the water!

What I Wore | Work

work outfit work outfit

Simple! Navy and Beige!

Beginning Boutique

beginning boutiquebeginning boutiquebeginning boutique

Joelyne LOVES Beginning Boutique 


Jim loves Jane

jim loves jane jim loves jane

How super gorge is this dress! Thank you Jim loves Jane!!! <3

love and freedom 3
Sydney’s ‘It’ Girls Release Jewellery Range

love and freedom 5

I worked with the amazing Kate Sutton to come up with something special! This to me, represents………


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floral art class
Trying something NEW!

floral art class floral art class floral art class

I recently started these awesome creative floral art classes!!! I’ve always loved flowers and wanted to do something like this. 2 hours of one evening each week, for 8 weeks at a local community college. I’m getting out of my comfort zone tiny step by step, and trying new things. I’m REALLY enjoying this class! All the people are so nice and we all use the same flowers, but each arrangement turns out beautiful and different.

I leave the class feeling so positive and inspired and I have a new floral arrangement to add to my home each week! :)

Have you thought of trying anything new lately? Or started something new? Leave a comment below & share with me! x

Ginja Swimwear | Spring/Summer 2013 Preview

Joelyne Inspires | Mini Photoshoot!

Ginja Swimwear – Born in Milano Set

Thank you Ginja for the gorgeous swimwear!

ginja swimwear

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Be Inspired by Elaine

Elaine Cheng | Eyebrow Specialist | Business Owner – Elite Brows

elaine elite browsjoelyne brows

On last week’s sunny saturday, Elaine came over as part of her mobile service, to give me a complimentary ‘eyebrow shape’. Gotta say – I LOVE the result!

I’m so inspired by this amazing young talented girl, who started her very own business! She’s super motivated and talented and I can really see her going places!

So, I decided to ask her a few questions about what motivates and inspires her! Read More →

What I Wore | Work

work outfit

New Pheonix #Sheike Skirt & #Wittner heels – love that they’re not too high and comfortable for work.


LISTENING TO: Avicii – Wake me up

READING:  Mica Paris – Beautiful Within

LOVING:  big brother


change brings opportunity quote

I’m excited! A huge change has happened in my life lately and with change comes re-evaluating what you want and don’t want in your life. I realised my blog had become something that wasn’t true to me anymore.

I have always been one to embrace who I am. Joelyne Inspires will be all about celebrating who we are as women, what we love and how we can be our best selves. Read More →

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