My trip to Hawaii

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snorkeling in hawaii!

IMGP0092 snorkeling in hawaii! IMGP0093 snorkeling in hawaii! IMGP0071 snorkeling in hawaii!IMGP0056 snorkeling in hawaii!IMGP0059 snorkeling in hawaii!


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Weekend away to Port Stephens

baliatthebay1 Weekend away to Port Stephens

'Bali at the Bay' - Port Stephens

I really felt like I was in Bali in this luxury accommodation, Bali at the Bay. I made sure to take lots of piccies for you guys, so you can see how awesome this place is. Balinese lounge, hand carved coffee table and ornaments. It felt very warm and cozy! An array of DVDs to choose from. I do enjoy my movies. Strawberries, wine, beer and cheese upon arrival. I truly felt spoilt.

Port Stephens was a 2 hour and 20 minute drive from Sydney. Not too bad if you’re spending a Friday and Saturday night away. I took a half day at work, which meant I could arrive at Port Stephens at a reasonable time.

I went bike riding, snorkelling, quad biking at the sand dunes and lots of eating out and in. Wine with cheese was my favourite indulgence.

Great for a weekend away with girlfriends or your partner. I absolutely recommend it!!!



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