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the martian

the martianthe martianthe martian

Twentieth Century Fox kindly invited me to a pre-screening of The Martian, starring the amazing Matt Damon in 3D, at Event Cinemas George Street, Sydney. An inspiring journey of an Astronaut that ends up being left behind, alone on planet Mars. He perseveres, with incredibly strong willpower, to survive on this planet in the hopes that he will be rescued one day. A powerful message portrayed, to never give up. In Cinemas October 1.

😍😍😍😍😍 5 heart eyes from me!

A movable feast at The Star, Sydney

The Sydney Morning Herald Good Food Month, presented by Citi, is just around the corner, taking place throughout October in Sydney for the eighth consecutive year, with the festival’s signature Night Noodle Markets kicking off on 8 October. 🍴

To celebrate, Citi bank kindly invited me to an exciting evening of good food, wine and company at The Star, Sydney. It was a delectable taste of what is to come at this year’s Good Food Month, which showcased the Citibank Dining Program. I was taken on a Movable Feast, dining at three of The Star’s most popular restaurants: The Century, Black by Ezard and Sokyo. 

The Century – Entree Menu

Medley of Appetizers

Salt & Pepper Squid | Salad of black fungus, tofu and carrot with a hint of sesame | Lightly battered cubed eggplant with house made sweet soy | Cold cut cucumber with sesame and vinaigrette


I am a sucker for tasting a little bit of everything. So this medley plate hit the spot!

McWilliam’s Wines to match

2015 Mount Pleasant “Elizabeth” Semillion – Hunter Valley, NSW | 2013 McWilliam’s “Appellation” Sauvignon Blanc – Orange, NSW


The wine was incredibly smooth and went really well with the food. I am not the greatest at picking wine, so it was pretty awesome that this wine was picked for me!

Dim sum basket random sampler

Steamed scallop and prawn sui mai | Steamed chives & prawn har gow coloured w/ natural veg juice | Steamed mixed enoki and shitaki crystal dumplings in a clear dumpling skin | Steamed sticky rice bun w/ lap cheong & cured meats in thin egg wrap.

wpid-20150917_185741 (1)IMG_4706

From the sea

Contrasting steamed scallops with and without roe and frills.

wpid-20150917_191752 (2)

I thought it was really cool that they provided one scallop cooked from fresh, and one cooked from frozen, so that we could tell the difference. On the fresh scallop they also kept the frill which is usually taken off. Obviously, the fresh scallop was the tastiest!!! 😍

BLACK by Ezard – Main Menu

Fillet beef grass fed, smoked potato, asparagus, charred onion, bone marrow jus.

IMG_4721wpid-20150917_202547 (1)

The smokeyness on this plate was incredible. The beef was cooked to perfection. Well done chef!


Sokyo – Dessert Menu

Yuzu & white chocolate cheesecake with blood peach granita, blood peach meringue, dehydrated shiso, ginger bread crumbles, yuzu gel and ginger gel.

IMG_4734Looks delicious. Tasted delicious. I’m very fussy with dessert. This was not overbearingly sweet. Just right. I love a little bit of meringue with dessert. Gives texture, and a wonderful flavour when paired with the gel and cake.

The evening was spectacular. Great food, wine and company – what more could you ask for?

I’ve also been invited to attend the Night Noodle Markets, to be seated in the Citi VIP area on the launch night, which is Thursday 3 October. SO excited!!! There will be reserved seating, where I’ll be seated amongst Citi customers, with a dedicated bar, where we can order from Citibank Dining Program stalls, East Ocean and Daniel San through the Citi Concierge team from the comfort of our own seats. That’s what I’m talkin’ bout!!! 🍴😍😃 #CitiVIP #Citibankdine

I L❤VE the Noodle Markets, so I cannot wait!

Special thanks to Citi Bank for hosting me as their guest. As always, the content & opinions expressed here are entirely my own. 

Eyebrow Styling



I was gifted these awesome beauty products, from QVS, to style my eyebrows with the help of this fantastic video tutorial by QVS and UBU!

Eyebrows done well can really bring out your features. Keep them close to natural as possible, with a nice shape. My advice is to not over-tweeze and don’t overstate the shape of the brow.


Once or twice a year I’ll go to a beautician to get my eyebrows shaped, and the rest of the year I do them myself. To get the perfect brow, with my own little tiny eyebrow scissors, I trim the longer hairs up the top, and pluck the rest. No wax involved. It’s actually not that hard to do, and this video provides some great tips and tricks, that are really helpful.

Most recently I followed the instructions in the video, using the In-Style tweezers, and they are seriously really good! Easy to use and far more accurate when aiming!

Thanks to the video tutorial, and the QVS angled brush, I now use brown eye shadow to fill in my eyebrows, and it lasts all day.


The items mentioned were a gift from QVS. As always, the content & opinions expressed here are entirely my own and I bring to you only the best products and experiences.