Tips on Getting Discount Tickets to Disneyworld

If you are planing on a 2019 break to Florida and the famous Disneyworld resort then now is the time to start learning about how you can get your hands on discount tickets to Disneyworld. These tickets are up for grabs each and every year and if you are able to get them they can greatly help you to save money not only on your park access, but it can also help to take the financial burden off the vacation a little bit. A trip to Florida is always going to hit a family hard in the pocket but getting discounted tickets where possible can always help. If you do plan on seeking out these tickets, here are some tips on doing so.


There are in fact a number of sellers of discount tickets and you just need to make sure that they are in fact an authorized seller who has been granted permission by Disney. In terms of where, you can find tickets on websites such as Groupon which offer heavily discounted tickets, you can also find discount tickets in the likes of Sears who work with Disney to give customers cut price tickets. If you don’t trust the seller, don’t buy the tickets.


If you see discounted tickets for a single day pass or for the Disneyworld resort then it is more than likely that these are not in fact real. Disney will offer heavy discounts on tickets like the 3 and 4 day passes rather than the individual day passes and any offers which the resort puts on will come directly from them on their website.

Huge Discounts

If you are lucky you could save up to 30% off your ride entry, a great saving for you and the family. If however you see offers that are more heavily discounted than this then you should be very suspicious and avoid them. Disney discount tickets are rarely cut in price by more than 30% and if it looks too good to be true then it probably is.

T’s and C’s

Don’t forget to read the terms and conditions of the tickets before you purchase them. In particular you need to pay attention to the dat of expiration of the tickets and ensure that you will be visiting the park prior to this date. You also need to make sure that you understand how you will be gettin the tickets, we have seen incidences where people turned up to the ticket offices only to find out that their tickets were delivered to their home address in another country. Knowledge is powerful here so be sure that you read all of the details.


Parking costs $20 or $35 if you want a better space, whatever you do don’t buy ‘discounted parking’ tickets which cost more than this. There has been a lot of people trying to sell inflated parking tickets and making people believe that they have a discount, these are the prices set by Disney so unless you find cheaper, you should ignore another offer.

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