What Is the Best Flooring for Beachfront Homes?

Home Decor

For those who are planning to buy a vacation house along the beach, knowing the right flooring material will allow you to save money along the way. Since beach houses are susceptible to harsh weather conditions, you should opt for the flooring material that can resist stains, moisture, and extreme heat.  If you are not sure where to start, here is a list of the best flooring for beachfront homes.

Engineered hardwood

Beach homes look more appealing with hardwood floors. While engineered hardwood is not able to withstand so much moisture, it provides a coastal vibe to any space. Engineered hardwood is a better option compared to natural hardwood flooring. If properly sealed, it delivers many years of excellent performance in terms of moisture resistance.

Since this type of material can easily acquire moisture damage, make sure to implement measures to protect the material. You may also apply the right cleaning techniques to keep the hardwood durable and long-lasting.


Concrete flooring is an excellent choice in terms of resistance to all elements. This type of flooring is the most suitable for you if your beach house is very close to the beach. Concrete floors are also easier to maintain. They are long-lasting and the most comfortable flooring type for beachfront homes with seniors and children.

To add more comfort in beach houses that features concrete floors, placing rugs in high traffic areas can help out. Just make sure to place the right rug to increase the cozy feel in your beachfront home.

Porcelain tile

If you don’t want to compromise the style of your beachfront home, use porcelain tile for the flooring. Hardwood may provide a more classic coastal feel compared to porcelain tile, but the latter is easier to clean. Aside from that, it is also moisture resistant. For this reason, this flooring material can last for a long time.

When cleaning porcelain tile flooring, you only need to sweep away dirt from the surface and use a mop to make it squeaky clean. Unlike concrete flooring, porcelain tile has less friction, allowing it to provide a cleaner and more comfortable feel.

Another reason why porcelain tile is considered the best flooring material for beach houses is that it is available in a wide selection of colors and patterns. If you don’t want to spend a lot of money and effort to install hardwood flooring, you may consider installing tiles that have bamboo or hardwood designs instead. Installing porcelain tile would be the best choice.

Choosing the right flooring material that is appropriate for beach homes is essential. It will allow you to cut the cost of replacing or repairing it in the next few years. Aside from that, you will be able to enjoy the stylish flooring that is suitable for the location of your house.

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