What I’m Loving

What I’m loving at the mo’

1. Book: Fashion; Australian & New Zealand Designers – Mitchell Oakley Smith – Some seriously amazing talent in there.2. Australis Paparazzi Perfect HD Eyeshadow ? – so many colour combinations + a mirror. Love.

3. Natural Compatibles Lipgloss & Lipstick ? – Fragrance free for sensitive skin (like mine). Formulated to prevent bleeding, with Apricot oil which nourishes and moistens lips & infused with Vitamin E. Wearing the lipgloss here.

4. Panache Lingerie – fits perfectly.


12 thoughts on “What I’m Loving

  1. >that panache lingerie is soooo beautiful. i can think of nothing better to make you feel more feminine. & that eyeshadow palette has some glorious colours.x


  2. >Beautiful lingerie!!!
    You seem to have a "crush" on the pink color no ;-)?? (can we say that in english? )

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