Wrangler Jeans, ASOS stockings, Wittner Boots, Assorted Jewellery. Featuring Effigy49 Dorchester Jacket.

It is one of my highest pleasures introducing you to Aussie Designer talents. Now to tell you a bit about a Sydney born brand I’m coveting right now…

Effigy 49

20 thoughts on “Effigy49

  1. >wow that coat looks amazing, i love the double folds at the front & it looks soooo thick & warm!
    love the splash of pink through your jeans & boots too! hot.happy friday lovely lady!x


  2. >OMG your hair! I love it but almost didn't recognize you! Glad to see you are doing well and that wedding that you went to – gorgeous! Mwaaah!

  3. >Hey lovely!

    Ahhh – I am having so much fun playing Hanging with Friends with you. It can get so frustrating though when it turns into a guessing game, haha. >.<
    You look super gorgeous here, as usual! Love that you are wearing bright pink tights under your jeans!
    You also look really fresh faced.. that sounds weird, but hey! 🙂
    Love it all! Hope you have a great weekend!



  4. >OMG, sweetie, you just look so amazing and stylish! I know I've been pretty bad by not visiting your lovely blog for a while – I think I need to re-follow you. 🙂 Btw, you haven't been to see my new baby blog either, so I feel a tiny bit less guilty. 😉
    Love the jacket, the boots and strawberry accents very much.
    Have a lovely weekend!

  5. >Love the jacket, looks amazingly warm and cozy.

    Thanks for dropping a line on my last post Joelyne, hope your weekend is going well.

    Take care.


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