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Okay so you’ve all been asking me about laser hair removal, so here is the “real deal” from The Laser Lounge Ladies themselves…

Joelyne: How does laser hair removal work?
The Laser Lounge: Good question, as there’s more to it than just a simple zap zap zap!
The laser hair reduction process works by sending a beam of laser energy to a group of hair follicles with enough strength to target the root and the blood supply that assists in regenerating the hair.
The laser beam does not harm the surrounding skin as it finds the hair follicles by targeting melanin (the substance that gives hair colour). The Laser Lounge lasers also feature a patented skin-cooling device, which assists in providing clients a more safe and comfortable experience. Bear in mind that as laser targets melanin (colour), the process will not work well on people that have red, white, grey or blonde hair. For these clients, The Laser Lounge offers alternative hair reduction services.

Joelyne: Is laser hair removal safe?

The Laser Lounge: Another good question… For client safety to be upheld, we’d recommend clients to look out for clinics that are “certified” and only use medically graded and FDA/TGA approved laser technologies. Along with this, don’t be afraid to ask your Laser Therapist what their qualifications are and do enquire about their professional experience as a Laser Therapist. When combining the right machines with a qualified Laser Therapist, treatments can be very safe!

Joelyne: What do you mean by certified?

The Laser Lounge: Not everyone knows this, but unfortunately in NSW anyone can buy a laser hair removal machine from anyone/ anywhere and start treating clients (this is pretty scary!).Being “certified”, especially
Candela Certified gives confidence to clients that the Clinics and Laser and Skin Therapists are purchasing, servicing (whilst using legitimate consumables) and receiving government accredited training etc. In a nutshell, we’re promising our clients that we aren’t cutting any corners, risking our client’s safety just for the sake of saving a few dollars. Our best word of advice is, if the cheap, cheap, cheap deal sounds too good to be true, than it probably is. Follow your gut instinct!

Joelyne: Okay so be honest, how painful is laser hair removal?

The Laser Lounge: Beauty is pain (only kidding!). In all honesty, tolerance levels vary from person to person. In most cases clients will say that they felt no pain to feeling a flick/s of a rubber band. If you’re super sensitive, we’d suggest applying a numbing agent on the skin prior treatment. This will definitely make the experience more comfortable.

Joelyne: What do you recommend I do before my first laser hair removal treatment?

The Laser Lounge: It’s best to avoid the following activities for at least 2 to 4 weeks prior to your treatment:

• Sun exposure (apply SPF 30 + sunscreen daily)
• Solariums
• Topical fake tans
• Prescription strength exfoliants
• DO NOT use tweezers, wax, epi lady, electrolysis, thread or bleach

We recommend shaving or using depilatory creams 24 hours prior to your treatment to minimise sensitivity.
For the face, it is best to leave the area untouched or only use hair removal creams specifically for sensitive skin.

Joelyne: And what about after my laser hair removal treatment?

The Laser Lounge: Some clients may experience slight redness after a laser treatment (similar to a mild sunburn). If you experience this, wait till the redness calms down before resuming with normal activities.
Most especially avoid the following activities until the redness has disappeared:

• Use of prescription strength exfoliant creams
• Swimming pools and spas with multiple chemicals/ chlorine
• Activities that cause excessive perspiration
• Sun exposure (apply SPF 30 + sunscreen daily on areas being treated)
• Solariums (cover all areas being treated)

Joelyne: Sooo, is laser hair removal permanent?

The Laser Lounge: We love this question as it’s very easy to be fooled! Laser hair removal treatments are VERY effective but no one can guarantee 100% permanence! At The Laser Lounge we guarantee permanent laser hair reduction. Our state of the art premium LASER is capable of 80 to 95% permanent hair reduction for most skin types, male and female, and can treat ALL body areas. The number of sessions needed to achieve these results may vary from person to person depending on several factors such as age, skin type, amount of hair, hair colour, hair texture, hormones etc. As we continually go through hormonal changes, of course it’s possible new hairs may form, however, you’ll never go back to what you first started with!

Joelyne: Alright, so then how can I tell if it works?

The Laser Lounge: You should see results after your VERY FIRST treatment. You will have fewer hairs and they will be finer and weaker. Your skin will be smoother and your pores less visible. The results will become more impressive with each successive treatment. Best of all, you won’t need to worry about ingrown hairs or after five shadows!

Joelyne: What about after my first treatment? How many more times do I need to get zapped?

The Laser Lounge: Lol! For best results, on average we recommend 6 to 8 treatments. This will allow hairs to be disabled effectively during the active growth phase in the Hair Growth Cycle (ooh techy). On some areas, such as the legs, faster results may be achieved and you can expect similar results for the bikini area, underarms, chest area and upper arms. Other areas such as the face and/or back may take a few additional treatments (as they are more hormonal). After completing possibly 6 to 8 treatments, client’s will more than likely require maintenance touch ups 1 to 3 times a year.

Joelyne: How long between getting zapped?

The Laser Lounge: On average we recommend treating clients anywhere between 4 to 8 weeks apart (depending on the area). The beauty about laser is, it’s completely the opposite to waxing and you don’t need to wait for the hair to grow back before treating the area. No more Gorilla Legs!

Joelyne: How will I look after being zapped?

The Laser Lounge: One word – SMOOTH! Lol! The treated area will be cleared of the majority of visible hairs during the treatment. Remaining treated hairs will shed in approximately 10 to 14 days. Depending on the area, the skin will remain clear and smooth for 4 to 6 weeks before seeing fine hairs starting to grow again. By repeating the sessions on schedule the area should remain hair free and/or have minimal hair growth throughout the entire treatment course and you will achieve permanent hair reduction.

Joelyne: So will any medications effect the treatment and/or hormonal conditions?

The Laser Lounge: Certain medications may affect your laser treatment if they are photosensitive (such as Roaccutane and Retin A which can cause pigmentation). If you are taking any medications it is best to advise your Laser Therapist so they can offer you the best advice.

Re hormones – To remain hair free, touch up maintenance like treatments will be required more frequently for most clients with hormonal conditions. In particular, females who are experiencing Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) can achieve excellent results over the entire body, but to remain hair free on the face, touch up treatments may be required every 3 to 6 months.

Joelyne: I have some fine hair, would you treat that?

The Laser Lounge: We recommend not treating areas where the hair is too fine and sparse. In the best interest of clients, we may not treat these areas to avoid stimulation of hair growth. If you are uncertain whether you should treat an area of concern that’s when it’s best to book in a consultation and ask your Laser Therapist for their professional advice. At The Laser Lounge we always say, “we’re hear to reduce, not produce!”

Joelyne: One last question, so what’s the BIG difference between Laser and IPL?

The Laser Lounge: There is definitely a BIG difference between hair removal devices and their total treatment effectiveness. It’s a little technical, but firstly, Laser is monochromatic (one light colour) where as IPL (Intense Pulse Light) has various colours decreasing the treatment outcome as only some colours target hair reduction.

The Laser energy is also coherent, meaning that the light is totally reinforcing and doesn’t cancel itself out whereas IPL isn’t. In saying this, IPL, although not seen as the best method for hair removal, it does work very well for skin rejuvenation treatments but that’s a whole other blog! Hehe.



  1. >Great post, I work for a cosmetic surgery clinic and we do laser hair removal too, I had a test patch the other week

    Eda ?

  2. Audrey Allure Reply

    >Interesting! It's nice to know more about laser removal now; great interview.

  3. >I would love to get laser hair removal done, but when I went to a consultation, they said my skin was too dark to get it done ! Since the light is attracted to dark hairs, and my skin is dark/tanned the light/laser would be attracted to my skin and hair folliclces.

    I hope they invent something soon for people with tanned skin ! lol

  4. >Hi Chantelle!

    I really recommend you make a consultation at The Laser Lounge. They have a twitter @thelaserlounge and facebook, and can answer any questions you have.

    I thought my skin was dark, and they said they've had a lot darker come in. They have a special machine for the darker skin.


  5. >No way ?! Thanks for letting me know Joelyne, I'll start looking into this 🙂 There's hope for me yet !! lol

  6. Meghan @ Wishful Thinking Reply

    >I have been curious about this for a while now but haven't really known too much about it. I'm kind of sold on it now! Thanks for the post!

  7. >I'm glad you all have enjoyed the info in this post! Let me know if you have any more questions for the laser lounge ladies! X

  8. >I can really vouch for this place! I've been going there for about 6 months and I've been treated well and am seeing the great promised result! Much better than waxing seriously, esp for Brazillian! I am glad to see that they're doing more to promote the great place!


  9. >Nora: Fantastic! It's great to hear from someone else who has experienced great 'Laser Lounge' results! 🙂


  10. hybridjohn Reply

    >Thanks for giving information on laser hair removal. I really impressed with your site content. The FAQ's which you have included in your site about laser hair removal are very effective and generally arises whenever anyone is going to take laser hair removal procedure.

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