How do you colour coordinate an outfit?

Hi Pretties πŸ™‚ This is the outfit I wore to the FAMOUS Magazine edit runway show on Saturday. I wanted to wear something bright and colourful. Mixing different colours in your outfit is the way to go these days I believe. There’s something very uplifting about it.


31 thoughts on “How do you colour coordinate an outfit?

  1. >Oh you look absolutely delightful honey! LOVE colours on you, always have.

    I love all colour combinations but my [duo] favourites would have to be pink & orange, pink & green, purple & green, blue & red!

  2. >Aww thank you so much lovelies – so glad you like the colour wheels & my outfit!

    Nancy: Happy that it helped coordinate your outfit!

    Miss Fox: Yes I do need to do more outfit shots! Waiting for the weather to warm up! Loving your shots by the way…miss WILD fox.

    Dusk: I LOVE orange&pink together too!

    *HUGS* to all of you!


  3. >i love the combination..

    πŸ™‚ i saw complete ur blog ajaj..
    really like its πŸ™‚

    Gretting from Chile πŸ™‚

    Follow u now πŸ™‚

  4. >oh the things i would do for your skirt – it is gooooorgeous. & the heels are rocking. i really want to get into colour blocking really bright fabulous colours this summer (once i manage to work up a decent tan!).
    & thankyou for your beautiful comment joelyne, it made me blush πŸ™‚ & i too would love to meet you someday too!x

  5. >really loving this look Joelyne! those heels of yours are amazing, the blue and orange are a standout! you have really nailed the "colour-blocking" trend here – and your smile is probably your best accessory

    very lady like though sassy at the same time! LOVE!

    x Lauren

  6. >This outfit is so nice, you look so good in these pictures, I love your skirt and that cardigan is perfect, the perfect touch and I love your sandals, great color combination! You have a lovely blog and I am a new follower! Hope you will like my blog and follow back!

    Pop Culture&Fashion Magic

  7. >1. Fabulous coloured cardigan
    2. Amazing beading detail on that skirt
    3. Love the striped top
    4. The necklace is awesome
    5. Shoes are divine

    You look fantastic.

    Miss Bias

  8. >i always find it helpful to keep the color wheel in mind . but sometimes even colors you wuddnt think go well look incredible .

  9. >my gosh colour is just your thing, You look too beautiful miss and the cardi colour kills me it's amazing and my absolute favourite on the palette!Definite inspiration thank gosh that Spring is coming up because I am sooo dane to try this out! love love miss Xx

  10. >Thanks for all your wonderful comments hunnies! So glad you like the colours I used together, and the idea of the colour wheel. There are no rules, but sometimes tools can really help us get that perfect colour combination going.


  11. >I'm working on something very similar for my blog πŸ™‚ But I LOVE your dress! I can't wear to wear lace all spring and summer.

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