13 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Mum

  1. >You're so lucky to have such a mother! Beautiful flowers! And it's funny to see how you made your home so "zen" and "all white" (it seems…maybe it's a wrong impression) when in fashion you love so much lots of colors :-)!!

  2. >hi poppy! Yes, I am lucky.

    It's funny you say that about my apartment – I wonder that sometimes myself. I love the simple and clean, minimalist look apartment – which I didn't realise till now. My wardrobe is always changing, and I've been adding so many colours to it. I guess it's some kind of balance I like to keep 🙂


  3. >yes it is funny because when wee see your dress sense, we could have imagined a decoration very "girly" with a "boudoir" atmosphere , very cozy … I love the Zen and very clean style , although I am unfortunately unable to fully :-(!! my part I think it's an excellent ans harmonious balance that you have found, between your look and your interior …:-)

  4. >THANK YOU for a most wonderful day we all had Joelyne! The gift of you being there with us made it ah so wonderful! With out you it wouldn't be as special… So thank you Thank you Thank you!!! From the bottom of my heart! I Love You my girl! and the flowers too, indeed SO Beautiful! :))

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