Natural & Nude Lips

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I’ve been really obsessed with lip liners lately, and have been using them instead of lipstick. It lasts longer and really looks smooth and matte on my lips. I dream of having a lip liner collection of all sorts of browns, pinks, burgundies and reds. Oh and orange. Must find myself the perfect orange liner!
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P.s. I use tinted moisturiser on my lips instead of foundation, as tinted moisturiser acts as my foundation – I LOVE tinted moisturiser! 🙂 And to see what I use click here.

I also want to spread the word that there are no rules when it comes to make up. Be creative and don’t be afraid to try new things! Hugs & Love x

16 thoughts on “Natural & Nude Lips

  1. >oh i totally agree about tinted moisturiser – when i need to look a little bit done up in the day time or just a nice dinner date i always go for tinted moisturiser instead of my foundation leaving that for bigger events! you look stunning here, love these make up tutes girl!x

  2. >i love a nude lip.
    ps. thanks so much lovely! it was an exciting little venture and i really appreciate your support. (:
    oh my gosh, don't get started on kate b! i'm completely hooked. she really is perfect. ahah i'm glad that i could share the blue hair story with you. x.

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