It’s not difficult to see why Sydney is consistently rated highly among the world’s most liveable cities. In celebration of their new guide to Sydney, the insider city guide series Hg2| A Hedonist’s guide to… have rounded up their top picks of where to be-and-be seen right now.
Sleep it off: The Darling Point Pad
No excuse needed for treating yourself to a few zzz’s in this glamorous, privately rented penthouse. The pimping pad spans the entire top floor of a 1930’s mansion so you can watch over the rest of the city.


sydney eat dukes bistro joe

Eat Together: Duke Bistro
This laid-back bistro is the latest hangout for the fashion-forward hipsters of the Eastern Suburbs. Take a seat on one of the communal tables and order some of its famous food/booze concoctions like the kingfish gin & tonic.
sydney drink sticky
 Dive Drinking: Sticky
It’s amazing this clandestine haunt has managed to stay under the radar for so long. Of course, getting there (down a deserted laneway, press a door buzzer and cross your fingers) might have something to do with it. Once inside, it’s worth the wait.

sydney snack all

Caffeine Fix: Allpress Roastery
If you don’t already know about Allpress, it is possible you have been living under a rock. Sydneysiders who take their brews seriously can be found lining up around the block to grab a rich flat white.

sydney party slide

Dance Queen: Slide
If this opulent club can in human form, she would be Liza Minelli. This Art Deco building offers up cabaret, burlesque and over-the-top entertainment to keep you dancing until dawn.

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