Viparo + Kobe Husk


Wearing Viparo Pleated Stretch Waist Skirt ($159.95AUD), Kobe Husk WedgesI do enjoy bringing to you the latest in upcoming aussie fashion. Viparo has some beautiful pieces if you love colour and gorgeous fabrics – check it out here. I enjoy dressing up for the camera and putting my makeup on – being creative and piecing it all together. Here I’ve tucked in a sheer top which I can’t remember the brand of, into this beautiful high waisted Viparo skirt. Tucking tops into stuff, skirts, pants & shorts, is probably my most used styling routine.

26 thoughts on “Viparo + Kobe Husk

  1. thanks for your comment hun! i love getting feedback! 🙂

    I’m totally loving this post of yours! uhhh, do you have the longest legs in the world or what?!

    keep up the good work! xo

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