Top 10 Gadgets


Samsung GALAXY Note – I LOVE the fact that you can scribble down ideas with the S Pen on the Samsung GALAXY Note. I’m the type of gal that loves to capture ideas while on the go!

Juicy Couture Ear Phones & Wireless Mouse – How pretty are they? Florals are perfect for the stylish woman!

Canon EOS 1100D – I currently own a Canon EOS 450D and can vouch for the ease of use. Wouldn’t mind upgrading to the 1100D. SLR cameras take amazing photos and can’t compare to a point and shoot. I can’t live without mine! I take it to all events, birthdays, travel and all!

Marc Jacobs Lips USB – Marc Jacobs always has affordable and fashionable stuff. I’m totally adoring the Lips USB and think it would go perfectly on my keyring, to take with me everywhere I go.

Elephant Handheld Desk Vacuum – It’s an elephant!!! I rest my case. The cutest gadget to have sitting on your desk.

Amazon Kindle – I use my Kindle every day, and any woman who loves reading and doesn’t have one, needs one ASAP.Β Kindle’s E Ink screen reads like real paper, with no glare!

Breville Juice Fountain Juicer – A commercial quality juice extractor, with an extra wide feed tube. No need to pre-cut! Pretty AWESOME!

MacBook Pro – I’m a newbie to this computer, and it’s so easy to use. Love the graphics, and it’s just so stylish. It’s a must have.


What are your top gadgets?





  1. I love the Elephant vacuum – I saw it at Sportsgirl a couple of weeks ago and thought it was the cutest thing ever!
    So glad that you are loving using a Mac – I don’t think I could ever go back to using a PC, heh.


    • Isn’t the Elephant Vacuum just the cutest thing?! I am a big elephant lover!
      Yes loving the Mac – so much fun to use! πŸ™‚

  2. Loving the juicy couture ear phones so much.

    Eda β™₯

  3. I can’t get past the elephant vacuum… so ridiculous but somehow so cute! Could be a good way to get Paige to help clean the house!!!! haha

  4. loving this post! i just got the kindle for christmas.. do you have any tips for newspapers/blogs. I’ve just downloaded a few ‘free’ books cos I’m broke after going overseas! haha πŸ˜€ x

    • Oh YAY! I just bought a sophie kinsella book for mine. I haven’t purchased any newspapers, and don’t know if you can read blogs in aus. Some of the free books are awesome, I read one recently and it was great! Let me know how you go! Your pictures from overseas are ah-mazing by the way! X

  5. hey its chintan here… and i have the same gadget.. super cool.. speedy… and awesome screen.. movies and games.. and hd videos.. also cam.. its great fun πŸ™‚ ha ha….

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