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Wearing: Zara Blazer, CK watch, G-Star Denim Jeans, Betty Shoe Island Peeptoe Pumps $69.95Ford and G-Star are both brands which focus on reducing their impact on the environment. I think this is majorly important at the moment, as people are becoming more aware of our affect on the environment, and how we can minimise it. I was so pleased to learn that SO MANY sustainable materials are used in the Ford Focus. About 85 percent of the materials used on ford vehicles by weight are recyclable. I think that’s a pretty cool fact! And G-Star itself tries to cut down on the consumption of cotton, by using organic cotton and other sustainable materials.

I think it’s fantastic that these brands are taking the initiative to help our environment, and I hope that we embrace it and appreciate it.

Thanks to Ford & G-Star, and the help of Nikki the Stylist (above), I was gifted a wonderful brand new pair of G-Star Jeans which I snapped a photo of myself and posted here on Instagram. The delicious canapes were also a delight, and I can never resist a good red wine!

Check out Aprilia’s version of the night too, here! She was great company, and lots of fun. I truly enjoy events where I meet lovely people, learn about something new and leave feeling that little bit more inspired. I hope that somehow, we all become more environmentally aware, and that more and more brands become a part of this initiative.


What brands are you aware of that work towards environmental sustainability?

7 thoughts on “Ford & G-Star | Environmental Sustainability

  1. Wow that’s really great! I try to be conscious of what brands are environmentally friendly, and I can’t say I own anything G-star but maybe now is the time to try!
    Happy New Year 🙂


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