Healthy Breakkie


I think I could have bananas on anything, I love it that much. This is my usual breakfast if I wake up early enough to have it! A cereal with whole grain flakes, soy milk and bananas on top. YUM! What do you eat for breakfast?

Some nutritional information about the 5 whole grains in the cereal I eat.

be natural cereal


8 thoughts on “Healthy Breakkie

  1. I confess that I, unfortunately, I’m not hungry in the morning, I must wait a very long time to eat, so usually when I arrive at the office, I take tea with small cakes. Previously, when I got up much earlier :-)) I was preparing breakfast “Kousmine” …. it was delicious! i love banana too but, I’m not sure to love soy milk ..

  2. I can be super lazy when it comes to breakfast, and i’ll just often eat a banana. I’ve also fallen in love with BelVita breakfast biscuits. If I eat cereal, I tend to try and find something low in sugar, and if I can, has apple in it!

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