26 thoughts on “What I Wore | Rainy Weather

  1. It’s a pretty look! . this is such a challenge to dress for rain .. now tthe weather in Paris is the same … yirk! I hope to find some inspiration for the next days !

  2. looking gorgeous as always! these boots look so comfy yet stylish for the rain and in love with your bag!! Please don’t tell me its raining in Sydney though 🙁 Im actually going to be there in less than a week for MBFWA and so excited!! Hopefully see you there?? xo

  3. GREAT outfit Joelyne! The sun is finally shining thank goodness, but all last week I found it so hard to dress myself… and no matter what I wore my hair was all kinds of scary by the time I got to work! Hoping this bright wintery skies will last and last!

    Have a super weekend!

    x Catherine @ The Spring

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