What I Wore | Style – be true to who you are

your own style and be true to who you are

Love Of EosΒ tee c/o | G-Star Skinny Jeans | Ugg Australia Wedges | Yellow Jendi Clutch viaΒ E Handbags


Loving this top. It’s so comfie and expresses something I truly resonate with – ‘be true to who you are.’ When I’m true to myself, I only do what I feel rings true to the heart. I might admire an amazing outfit that someone else is wearing, but when I imagine it on myself, I just know it just doesn’t work. Being true to yourself, is knowing when something, whatever it is, is not your style and being happy that you have your own style/beliefs/wants/needs or passions.

23 thoughts on “What I Wore | Style – be true to who you are

  1. This is an important thing we need to remember, be true to who we are.. Show the world how we bring fashion within us.. Love this shot!

  2. I truely love the colour of the jeans , can I ask where you found the T …i WOULD LOVE LOVE LOVE to own one as well..Great look!

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