What I Wore | Wedding

short balayage ombre hair

Sheike Dress | Wittner Heels | Forever New Bag

short balayage ombre hair dark skin

short balayage ombre hair dark skin

sheike dress outfit

As you get older time just seems to fly by quicker and quicker, doesn’t it? This year has gone so quick! Soon I’ll be setting my goals for the up coming year, and looking back on what I accomplished this year.

Reading an inspirational book to get me motivated on setting goals and actually doing them – ‘the slight edge’. Any of you read it?Β Here is the link to the bookΒ if you want to know more about it. I really recommend it! I can’t wait to really work towards my new goals!!!

I went shopping with my mum and went into one of my favourite retailers and found this sexy yet classic dress. Faced with the dilemma of g-string and underwear lines showing through, a tip the retail assistant passed on from her infinite wisdom of style came in handy! Seamless stockings cut short! Worked wonders.

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      1. I’m great thanks! Hope you are well too – noticed you aren’t blogging as much but I am guessing you are just busy πŸ™‚ Hopefully the fun kind of busy!

  1. This is a gorgeous dress. The style suits you so well. I love the clutch. I almost bought it in silver in FN earlier this year.


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