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hair bun

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hair bun

I’ve been a bit obsessed with putting my hair in a bun lately, and I think the rest of the female population has too! Not sure how this epidemic started. I mean, all us gals would put out hair up in a bun every now and then. But lately, we’re all doing it, Not sure what it is, but I must say, I’m liking it. Do you like this look?



    • Thank you! Ordered these jeans online through brands exclusive ages ago. Couldn’t believe they fit so well for jeans I ordered online and had not tried on!

  1. i really love the outfits!

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  3. Love this look. It is one of my favourites of yours. It suits you so well and it is very chic. The shoes are amazing. I adore your hair in a bun. I am part of the bun epidemic. I do it every day because it makes my hair look thicker and it is easy and out of the way. But that is a good point you make. It certainly did start rather suddenly. I remember almost overnight the bun doughnuts started appearing in the shops.

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