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floral print skirt

SHEIKE Skirt | Marc by Marc Jacobs Bag | Michael Kors Watch

floral print skirt
floral skirt

I absolutely love SHEIKE. I know I’ve gushed on about it before, but I love the quality, pricing, sizing and detail.

To be honest, I wish this skirt were a little longer for work. I think I’ll wear it more on the weekends, or dress it up for evening wear. Below is a snapshot of me wearing it to go shopping with my mum.

floral skirt iphone

How would you wear this skirt?



16 thoughts on “What I Wore | Work

  1. the length of the skirt is not too short to work , really, but I do not know exactly what job you have … and then, with a top like these it suits you perfectly! I find it very classy and feminine at the same time! successful 🙂 !

    1. Thanks Fanny 🙂 I work in a university, in an administrative type role. Around older people I like to dress a bit more conservatively, however, I still add my edge to the outfit!

    1. yes with tights would work well, especially in winter!!! 🙂 thanks for the tip 😉 Zara in pitt street mall! And Oxford street paddington when they have the markets on, is a great Saturday day out for shopping!!!

  2. I love the bag with the work wear. Love the skirt! Sheike style is absolutely flawless and this skirt does not disappoint – love how you transformed for weekend. I’ll take one thanks 😉

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