Top 20 Ombre / Balayage Hair Looks on Me & Celebrities


Thanks to my amazing hairdresser, I’ve been ‘balayaging’ it, and loving it for quite a while now. I picked my top 20 balayage / ombre hair looks on me and celebrities. The more natural balayage looks are my favourite! natural celeb balayage hair balayage Sarah Jessica Parker balayage hair balayage balayage Do you like Balayage hair? Upload and share your favourite balayage pic in the comments area below!

6 thoughts on “Top 20 Ombre / Balayage Hair Looks on Me & Celebrities

  1. J I love your hair so much! It was inspiration for me trying to do it myself (very uneven… not sure if there’s photo proof from this time last year on lefanch!). Agreed with the more natural looks – they’re easy to transition into Winter especially if you miss your appointments. Or don’t even book them in like me 😛

    xx Trish

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