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On last week’s sunny saturday, Elaine came over as part of her mobile service, to give me a complimentary ‘eyebrow shape’. Gotta say – I LOVE the result!

I’m so inspired by this amazing young talented girl, who started her very own business! She’s super motivated and talented and I can really see her going places!

So, I decided to ask her a few questions about what motivates and inspires her!

What motivated you to start your own business? 

Eyebrow shaping is my passion, after having worked at various brow studios and having built up a good following of clients, i decided to venture out and freelance. My mobile service is the most popular so i spend quite a few hours driving per day. But seeing my clients faces when they see the results it gives them it makes it all worthwhile. When theyre happy, it makes me happy.

In life, when things get tough, how do you pick yourself up to keep going?

When things get tough i think positive and think of what i get to go home to, my fiancé and my puppy. I dont get sick often so when i get sick,im out of action for at least a couple of days. I feel really really bad that i have to reschedule my clients, but i guess its also a sign from my body to me to have a breather and recharge. There needs to be a balance of work and life 🙂

 What is your favourite quote to live by?

I believe if you have a positive attitude and strong mentality “The world is your oyster”  No idea or action is small or ridiculous, believe in it and anything is possible.

What are your 5 favourite things to do?

I really cherish my ‘alone’ times, so when i do i go all out and relax and chill out in front of the tv for a couple of hours and catch up on my favourite tv shows 🙂 i also love shopping, catching up with friends over coffee and travelling!

Thanks Elaine for inspiring us!




  1. Fanny Leone Reply

    Brows are so important and can change the all face but it´s sooo difficult to find the right “shape”alone… Very Nice work!!

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