Style & Simplicity


Some evenings after work we’ll drive to our local beach with Alby (our doggie).  Here I’m enjoying a gorgeous book I borrowed from the library. Style & Simplicity, a guide to living a more beautiful life by Ted Kennedy Watson.
Such an inspiring book filled with pretty pictures. Sweet ideas on how to get enjoyment out of the small things.

My favourites are:

– Decorating your home with flowers all the time and even filling vases with beautiful vegetables like asparagus or basil leaves.

Bitters. I’ve never tried it before but sounds interesting. A distilled essence of a certain food like celery or grapefruit. You add it to your sparkling water or cocktail. I’m going to try it!

– Lighting candles as soon as you get home in the evening. He says, “it can almost be a spiritual experience.”

Edison Bulbs. I’ve always loved the look of these.

– The beauty of handwritten notes.

– Outdoor shower. I would so love this one day. With hot water of course. Can you imagine how luxurious that would be?

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