My home office was missing a vital component which I’m so excited about fulfilling thanks to Officeworks. A dedicated area for organising my paperwork! Here I will share with you how you canย work your dollar harder, and find affordable options and ideas to create your very own organised home office area.
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office desk

For under $50, as you can see in the photo above, I’ve got my little cute apple that dispenses my post-it notes, and is really helpful when I’m in a rush and need to quickly jot something down. Also my file stand, easily divides my documents and keeps them tidy and clutter free.


For under $100, I’ve added to my my under $50 items to get more organised. I’ve organised my paperwork including bills, warranties, work contracts, tax info and other important documents, in a huge ring folder. In the pink drawers, I’ve placed receipts. Keeping receipts is a must,ย  so this is an easy way to store them.

Within this budget I was also able to get some stationery. Highlighters, notepads and adhesive notes. I can be a kid sometimes! I bought some of those scented texters. Yum. Strawberry! Makes the filling in of paperwork a treat rather than a chore!


For under $200, including most of the items above, I was able to also purchase a beautiful wooden filing cabinet. I have been looking for an affordable-and nice looking cabinet for so long. I looked everywhere and finally found it. Isn’t it beautiful? I am going to be so super organised, just like I am at work! Yes!!! The top drawers will have all my crafts, like letter stationery, stamps, wrapping paper, ribbons and just miscellaneous, beautiful stationery – I’m obsessed. And the bottom drawer will have all my files.

So excited to be organised at home!

Here are the links of some of the items I purchased from Officeworks.

Staedtler hilighters
J Burrows black ring board folder
Filing cabinet
J Burrows adhesive notes
Spirax Notepad

Officeworks is definitely the one-stop-shop for the organised workspace!

Products were sponsored by Officeworks and I’m absolutely grateful.


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