I’ve been to Mykonos twice, and it’s my absolute favourite island in Greece. The best part about it, is that you can explore so many beautiful parts of the island on a quad bike. It is such a wonderful adventure. The beaches are spectacular. The view of the sea. The rocky, brown, sandy mountains. You can visit a secluded beach, for some peace and solitude, or a lively one for a party atmosphere. Read and see more about my time at the awesome island of Mykonos.


Santorini is a breath of fresh air. Bright, luminous, beautiful. It fills your heart up with warmth. In every glimpse, you’ll find a picture perfect moment. I could not stop snapping away with my camera. Read and see more about my trip to Santorini.


I’ve been to this gorgeous place twice. And each time, it was filled with surprises. There are so many places to visit. I was lucky to have some wonderful people, my exes parents, take me around to explore this wonderful place. Read and see more about my adventures in Nafplio.


I’ve also been here twice. I feel so grateful to have spent so much time in such magical places. Princess Diana loved Spetses, and so did I. This place makes you feel like a princess. There are no cars on this small island. Just horse and carriages, and buses to take people on tours of the island. Read and see more on my time in Spetses.


It was exciting to explore this island, because I read the book ‘Captain Corelli’s Mandolin’, which was set in the island of Kefalonia. What I love about Greece, is each of it’s islands are unique. This island was very green compared to the others I’ve been to. Gorgeous flowers, amongst huge, pretty homes. There was a beach which reminded me of the beaches here in Sydney. It had waves, unlike many of the beaches in Greece. Read and see more of the beautiful island Kefalonia.


I didn’t spend much time on this island. It was a stop off just before Spetses. I still managed to take lots of photos. Again, this island felt very different to the others I’ve been to. Read and see more about Hydra.


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