Trust is a feeling that has always been testing in my life. When in primary school, I used to love collecting stickers. My best friend and I shared in this hobby. One day my stickers went missing. I was at my best friends house playing hide and seek. In her room, what did I find? My stickers!

In high school, I made a new best friend. But when a new cool girl started at the school, my best friend abandoned me and made a new best friend.

I have many stories like this. Throughout my 20’s, similarly, there were let downs and disappointments with boyfriends and best friends.

I eventually learned that no matter what trust was broken, I was OK in the end. I survived. I became stronger. And moved on.

I’m still battling trust. People let you down. Situations happen that you never expect.

I must say, if someone continues to break your trust, it’s time to let them go. We need to surround ourselves with people who are honest and have our best in their heart.

But before we’ve even given the chance, sometimes we do not know if we can trust someone or a situation, or not. Based on all our past hurts, it’s incredibly hard to take the leap and trust.

But, we must take the risk. As hard as it is. We will always be OK.

By trusting in God, and trusting you will be OK, take the leap. So many amazing and wonderful things happen when we do this. And yes, sometimes some crappy things. Or awful heart debilitating things. If we don’t take the chance though, we will never know whether something spectacular could come out of it.

If there is one thing I have trusted in, that has never let me down, it is having faith that God has my back. Always. I have come through the most difficult times, and wouldn’t have stood a chance, without that faith.

Love, J



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