The last couple of years I’ve really stepped out of MY COMFORT ZONE. And I’m so much happier for it.

I went on a work leadership program a few years ago – me being an introvert, it’s very out of my comfort zone to go on a 3 day program, and share. Share my thoughts on my strengths, and volunteer information on my weaknesses. I wasnt forced to go. Knowing how incredibly out of my comfort zone this would be, I knew I had to do it for my growth.This program taught us that whatever position you’re in, you can make a difference – you can be a leader. The empowerment that program provided, was pretty amazing. Ever since that program I’ve been exercising what i learnt and then I got this new amazing job that I love, where I can exercise my leadership skills even more, and now I organise these programs for others! Saying yes to that opportunity changed the direction of my career for the better.

I know how incredibly difficult it is to do something so foreign to what you’re used to. But, to evolve and grow we must do it. I remember when i got my dog Alby, I walked him to places i had never been before. Something as small as that opened up my horizons. I felt more confident going to new places. Before that, I would never venture out into my neighbourhood. When i was a kid I did, but when we become adults, we become so stuck in what we know, and like to stay within those parameters.

I guess the purpose of this post is that we need to say yes more. I have, and I’m feeling so much more confident. There are still many things out of my comfort zone. Like public speaking. Gosh that’s nerve racking. But, I am determined to make it a strength. I just need to trust that ‘I can’.


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  1. I totally agree! I’m the same, I would much rather be introverted and stay at home blogging or reading. But going out and doing things and saying yes to things I normally wouldn’t say yes to has helped me to really grow. Thanks for sharing this, it takes courage to write posts like these!! Maadhi xx

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