So 2016 was an interesting year for me. It was a hard one. But I am so incredibly grateful for all that I learnt. A few weeks ago, on my time off work, I downloaded an awesome workbook for 2017 and started filling it out.

I thought I’d share with you some of what I wrote in my workbook.

I got through the turbulent times with trust in the Universe. Through the difficult times I wrote in my journal, prayed, and reminded myself that no matter what, I’d be OK. The Universe always looks after me.

I continued my fitness routine, and reached my goal of having two sessions with my trainer per week, and finally had the confidence to go an extra day per week, on my own.

Time spent with friends and family were my highlights. Which helped me decide what I wanted to focus on in 2017. Making memories with those special to me.

Time in the mornings were spent with a beautiful routine that set me up for the day. This was a new habit for 2016. I’d have a coffee, write in my journal and read.

I made it a habit to send love to those who frustrated me in one way or the other. First I’d write about it as a form of venting and prayer, and then I’d close my eyes and imagine sending love and positive thoughts to that person. Miraculously, the frustration would dissipate after a short time, and surprisingly those same people would in some way do something nice for me within the next week. The Universe has its ways!

I found that reflecting on 2016 and writing about it has helped me see how far I’ve come on my journey, and has been a reminder of what means a lot to me and what brings me the most joy.

I’m excited to bring what I learnt into 2017. Yay!

Joelyne xoxo


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