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7 Health and Fitness Trends to Try Today

Here are a couple of health trends that you should be following today in order to get your body into a healthier state.

1. Moringa

People are just discovering the benefits of moringa. The moringa tree is native to Asia and Africa and it is full of nutrients. It is made up of 25% plant protein and contains all the nine amino acids. It is also high in fiber and antioxidants, as well as many vitamins. Moringa powder can be easily absorbed by the body and is becoming a popular choice for those seeking to improve their health.

2. Nootropics

These supplements are those that improve cognitive ability such as memory and creativity. They are a relatively new phenomena and the efficacy of them is still being established. Despite this, they are a multibillion-dollar industry even though any adverse effects have not been fully researched.

Nootropics are also referred to as ‘smart drugs’ and because of their popularity in enhancing brain function, they are popular among students.

3. Sleep science

Sleep disturbances are a common problem for many people and often they seek a remedy to improve the amount and quality of their sleep. Many people are taking arigorous approach to this issue and seeking the input of sleep experts on the subject.

Professionals will offer specific suggestions as to what patients can do to improve the quality of their sleep for enhanced health and dismiss common myths such as needing eight hours’ sleep a night.

4. Nut milk yogurt

Certain people are familiar with almond or cashew nut milk as a healthy alternative to dairy. Nut milk yogurt is a healthy alternative to dairy and perfect for those following a vegan diet. The market for nut milk yogurt is growing and is expected to hit $12 million in2018.

Nut milk yogurts are high in protein, help regulate blood sugar, keep you fuller for longer and contain live bacteria cultures which are kind to stomachs.

5. Kombucha

Kombucha isa fermented fizzy drink made from tea, that many health fanatics drink as an alternative to sugary carbonated drinks. It also contains a substance called ‘scoby’ which stands for a symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeasts. It is added to the fermented tea and adds a sour taste to the drink through the formation of acetic acid.

It’s full of probiotics and particularly rich in antioxidants which are two of its main attractions. However, the long-term health benefits are unclear.

6. Group Training

Some people are familiar with a personal trainer and with the idea of a group exercise class. Group Training combines the two disciplines. This fitness craze offers the tailored nature of personal training without the hefty cost and with the benefit of motivation from like minded fellows.

Rather than following the moves of the instructor in a group exercise class, group training has a more personal feel, with the instructor acting like a coach.

7. Fitness programs for older adults

People are living longer and want to have a good quality of life as they mature. As older people lose muscle as they age, it is important to try and replace and tone this muscle. Regular exercise also increases metabolism which naturally slows with age.

Older people only need a half hour session of exercise two to three times a week to feel and see the benefits. A personal trainer can tailor a program to give maximum benefit to mature adults, and this is becoming a common feature of many gyms and fitness centers.

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