Featuring Dirty Princess tee. Love makes the world go round.
P.s. Selling these Leopard Print Boots on eBay here.



  1. Rochelle Fox Reply

    >super cute tee i am such a t-shirt girl !! thanx for ur comment lovely yeh fashion week was like that so many faces i walked past so many bloggers and people i adore and it just did not click!!
    check out my latest post there is an invite shop till you drops having a night down at westfeild on thursday u should come xx

    ? A fox that meows http://rochellefox.blogspot.com/

  2. >those jeans are such a perfect fit! love how relaxed they are & i bet they would have looked amazing with that jacket. & the poppin' pink lipstick makes you look as gorgeous as ever! also, i bought my one teaspoon dress off their website!x


  3. Lee Oliveira Reply

    >Dirty Princess tee?.. love the name..
    You look to die for.. Lee x

  4. >wow miss, are you not just stunning or what! the T is totally perfection! xx

  5. Angie Karan Reply

    >OMG!!! Joelyne, I love your photos!!! Who took them? Done an excellent job! But the again YOU make the photos come out as they do 🙂 I love how you are wearing those shoes again 🙂 Awww… I just read you are selling them :)) ha haa ha…They look wonderful!!! You look beautiful!!!

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