Here are a few of the most awesome books I’ve read lately. I find incredibly good books so hard to come by. I am so, so, so fussy, and usually only buy books that friends or bloggers have recommended to me. So, I really hope you find these helpful.

awesome books - The Slight Edge

The Slight Edge – Jeff Olsen

What a freakin’ amazing book this is. I’ve vlogged about it and blogged about it here, AND, I live my life by it. I’ve read this book twice now, and each time I read it, my life is drastically improved. We are reminded of why good habits are so important, and the book breaks them down so simply we can find it incredibly practical to implement them.

Awesome Books - How To Be Here

How To Be Here – Rob Bell

I stumbled upon this author, Rob Bell, after watching one my favourite YouTubers interviewing him, here. And, Elizabeth Gilbert, also goes on about him, and so I thought, I need to know who this guy is! So I downloaded his book on my Kindle as soon as I could. My favourite quote, actually, favourite quotes from the book are:

What new and good thing is going to come out of even this?

How we respond to what happens to us – especially the painful, excruciating things that we never wanted and we have no control over – is a creative act.

I adore so many more quotes from this book, but let you read it and leave it at that  😉

Awesome Books - Minimalism

Minimalism, Live a Meaningful Life – The Minimalists

I feel like we all need to be a bit more minimal in our approach to life. We are all overloaded with unnecessary stuff. I’m so overwhelmed when surrounded by clutter. Even if it’s organised and in its place, tucked away – it’s still bloody there!!! Why do we have so much stuff?!

Anyways, these guys put it so well and have really inspired me to make a change. I want to value more of what I have, and own less. The minimalists first inspired me on this Ted Talks video. You can also read their awesome articles here. Check them out and get the book if this seems up your alley.

So, these are three of the most awesome books I’ve read lately. I read a lot of books, and I’m so fussy, that, if a book doesn’t start off well, I’ll stop reading it and remove it from my Kindle so that I can’t see it! Haha!

I hope this list has helped you pick a new book to read. I can’t recommend them enough. If you liked this post, please leave me a comment. I’d love to hear from you. And, also let me know of your most favourite books that you’ve read lately!

Joelyne xoxo


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