green tea

1. A Green Tea Nose Mask I found in a cute little Korean store2. Quay Smile Toothpaste3. Quay Mouthwash

4. Herbal Essences ‘Drama Queen’ Shampoo

5.  Herbal Essences ‘Drama Queen’ Conditioner

Green Tea has had medicinal benefits since the ancient times, in China for at least 4,000 years!
It is a powerful antioxidant which fights Cancer, heart disease and is known to lower cholesterol and prevent diabetes and stroke. Gosh, the list goes on!

Green Tea is ALSO known to abolish bad breath – a huge reason as to why I love my QUAY mouthwash with Green Tea extracts. It has been scientifically proven that Green tea destroys compounds in the mouth that lead to tooth decay, an antibacterial and also a great natural source of flouride which strengthens the teeth. So teaming my QUAY Mouthwash with my QUAY Smile Toothpaste has been doing some wonderful things for my mouth in the past few months that I’ve been using them.

I’ve been drinking Green Tea for years now, and have just started using a proper strainer with tea leaves from T2. Absolutely delightful!

I like reading magazines like Good Health, which help educate me in what’s good for us, and what isn’t. If you want to enjoy your life, and be happy, it’s what we put into our bodies that affects our mental and physical health. I’m always interested in finding and learning about products which include more natural ingredients and less chemicals.

Do you drink Green Tea or use any products with Green Tea Extracts?


Herbal Essences & Quay products sent for consideration.





  1. We had the same idea!!!
    I use product made from green tea as well. They are the best, great post!
    Emma x

  2. I drink green tea after every big meal, or iced green tea with a small amount of fresh fruit juice added on a hot sunny day.
    I don’t waste the used tea bags either i pop them on my eyes for ten minutes to help brighten them up.

    If you can’t already tell, I love green tea 🙂

    Gems x

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