blue outfit

None the Richer Blazer c/o| ClubCouture Metallic Striped Singlet c/o | Mossman Metallic Blue Shorts c/o

Betty Shoe Heels | Michael Kors Watch | Yellow Jendi Clutch via E Handbags c/o

Happy Monday Beautifuls!!!

I thought I’d mix it up with some geometrics, blue and metallic shades. Don’t be afraid to mix up prints! I prefer to do it in a subtle way, but if you’re more daring, go right ahead and experiment with more bold prints. My style is quite eclectic, and I like to always add a bit of femininity, masculinity and edge. It creates the perfect balance for me.

In this outfit the feminine aspect would be the floral heels, masculine would be the blazer and edge would be the combination of the two with the geometric prints. Do you have a defined style – or a mix like mine?



  1. Oh I love so many things about this outfit – the shoes, the clutch the gorgeous lace back blazer and of course the blue! You look fab 🙂

    I don’t think I have a particular style, unless you could say relaxed was a style? hehe!

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